League of Legends Champion Building Guide – The Defender of Tomorrow, Jayce

Among the League of Legends roster, Jayce has always been a champion who needs precise mechanics to reach his full potential. The Defender of Tomorrow is typically used at the most competitive level of play, although Riot Games has been reintroducing him to the meta with subsequent updates.

The finest rune and item combinations may be difficult to locate if you’re trying to pick him up in solo queue games. This is due to the fact that Jayce may be played in a variety of ways, and each build has unique strengths and weaknesses of its own. We’ll go through the champion’s most well-liked builds to assist you. Here are the top League of Legends Jayce builds.


In addition to the two basic rune settings for Jayce, there is a third rune setup that is more situational and will rely on your preferred style of champion play. Even while they share some runes, there are also significant variances that we need to outline.

1st Strike Jayce:

This rune works well with Jayce, but you must have a solid grasp of laning dynamics because you must make sure to inflict damage before your opponents. You won’t have any trouble proccing the rune against the majority of melee top laners, so be careful to see if your adversary’s laner can do damage to you earlier.

If used properly, this rune ought to let you accumulate a sizeable gold lead without necessarily requiring any kills. The extra gold you’re earning will come in handy in the middle to late game when you’ll have stronger gear and be able to deal more damage.


Jayce typically needs to cast several spells in order to quickly clear waves due to his poor early damage, which causes him to run out of mana. You always want your champion to have 250 extra mana during the game. Due to the long-range Q you can spam, it is simple to stack and will keep you from running out of mana in the first three minutes of the lane.

Jayce desires extra mana, but he also enjoys having his abilities’ cooldown times shortened. He can utilize both forms more efficiently and considerably enhance his damage output thanks to his rapid ability rotation. The cherry on top is the champion cooldown decrease upon takedown.


You often have a choice between using Doran’s Blade or the Tear of the Goddess as your opening move in a game. The first one allows you to move around the lane more safely and allows you to stack its passive more quickly. When you finally purchase Manamune, the item will be fully stacked and turn into Muramana right away, giving you a bigger spike.

Instead, you will have more trade power and sustain with Doran’s Blade to get through the early stages of the game when Jayce is more open to ganks and skirmishes.

Due of the poorer starting stats it offers, the third alternative is dangerous. But in exchange, it gives you a fantastic early spike because you may purchase Serrated Dirk on your first recall (you just need 750 gold).

Doran’s Blade is the best starting item in most situations out of these three selections because it is the most balanced one in terms of all stats.

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