Evil Geniuses realign coaching staff ahead of season

The League of Legends season is slowly picking up steam. Team Evil Geniuses has realigned its coaching staff for the coming weeks and months. We have summarized the decisive changes for you in the news.

Peter Dun in new function with even more possibilities

The most significant point, is that Peter Dun has been promoted to the new Head of League of Legends Coaching Staff. Dun is to lead the Evil Geniuses coaching staff and enjoys all the freedom.

Peter Dun has earned all the respect as the LCS Head Coach of last year’s Evil Geniuses team, among the officials and the players. Dun is considered a vocal supporter of new, young talent. The promotion of the academy and amateur teams have the identical value in Peter Dun. It is precisely this approach that is to be continued even more consistently with the Evil Geniuses in the coming year.

Before joining the Evil Geniuses, Peter Dun had already spent eight years coaching in Brazil, China, Europe and North America. His greatest success was in 2020 with the rookie team of the MAD Lions and the surprising qualification for the World Championship.

The complete League of Legends coaching staff

Below we have compiled the new complete coaching staff of the Evil Geniuses for the League of Legends.

  • Peter Dun as Head of League of Legends Coaching Staff
  • Naser Al-Naqi as Head of Scouting
  • Gabriel “Turtle” Chavez as LCS Head Coach
  • Earl “Rigby” Han as Assistant Coach
  • Connor “Artemis” Doyle as LCS Performance Coach
  • Richard “Draxyr” Yuan as Bot Lane Positional Coach
  • Razvan Nistor as Top Lane Positional Coach
  • Sebastien “zzLegendary” Demontigny as Academy Coach
  • Ian “Ido” McCormick as Prodigies Head Coach

The players in the team

Coaches or not, in the end it is the performance of the players that matters. The EG team wants to win a title or two in the 2022 season. The chances are not really bad. The team has a top-class line-up, specifically with:

  • Juan Arturo Garcia (Contractz) – Jungler
  • Jeong Eon Young (Impact) – Top Laner
  • Dennis Johnsen (Svenskeren) – Jungler
  • Daniele Di Mauro (Jiizuke) – Mid Laner
  • Kyle Sakamaki (Danny) – ACD
  • Lee Dong-geun (Ignar) – Support

Evil Geniuses: A constant in the eSports world

Team Evil Geniuses has earned a very, very good reputation in the scene over the past few years. However, the most significant successes for the North Americans have been achieved by the Dota 2 representation. The League of Legends players are still a bit behind. It remains to be seen whether Peter Dun’s philosophy will lead to the desired success.

The eSports clan can look back on a history of over 20 years. It was founded in Canada in 1999. Today, it is led by Philip Aram (Chief Gaming Officer) and Nicole LaPointe Jameson (Chief Executive Officer). Evil Geniuses has AMD, Steelseries and Monster Energy on board as sponsors. The clan includes teams in the following eSports disciplines:

The Evil Geniuses have withdrawn from all other divisions, at least temporarily.