Honor of Kings Top 3 Assasin characters

Honor of Kings is one of the most successful MOBA’s ever created. Millions of players around the world are enjoying the battle experience through some of the coolest champions ever made.

In some of the previous articles, we have talked about our number one pick when it comes to Honor of Kings’ assasin’s – Fei. If you want to learn more about him, you can do it right here.

But, today we bring you another set of some of the best assasin heroes, which you can choose alongside other Honor of Kings character classes – Mage, Warrior, Archer, Tank, and Support.

1.      Lan

Wei kingdom is where Lan was born. He was gifted with unique water-related talents and powers, and He was picked by Cao Cao because of his future potential, and he and the other chosen candidates were groomed as assassins at a young age.

When he was older, Cao Cao ordered him and his other fellow countrymen to engage in a fight to the death (who only wanted skilled assassins to support his power).

Lan was one of Cao Cao’s best assassins since he managed to endure the ordeal as the last man standing and developed his own distinct combat style. However, the incidents left him scarred; he became callous and unresponsive to other people’s emotions as a result, and he resisted becoming close to anyone.

Lan developed a reputation as an assassin after being dispatched on numerous missions and consistently completing his “tasks.”

Lan’s abilities

  1. Hunting (passive)
  2. Wave Breaker
  3. Empty Dive
  4. Execution (ulti)

2.      Jing

Jing and her brother Yào underwent rigorous instruction as young children after being born into a historic clerical family. During one of their missions, her parents mysteriously vanish, leaving behind foes who assault Jing and Yao. Overnight, Jing became in charge of the family’s security. She takes Yao and flees as a result, disowning them and deleting any evidence of their past.

As time passes, Jing and Yao travel the globe in search of methods to reawaken their strength. This suffering leads Jing to treat Yao harsher and harsher, which strains their relationship. Later, when she enrolls in the Jixia Academy, where she is guided by Lao Fu Zi (Old Master), she learns of the Hall of a Thousand Mirrors, a location that is home to both unlimited opportunities and peril. She eventually developed its abilities and triumphed in the tests set with her powerful willpower.

She may have triumphed over this challenge and gained strength, but she still has a longer and more challenging trip ahead of her. She will shoulder obligations and move on regardless of what the future holds for her, just like she did with her gloomy past.

Jing’s abilities

  1. Mirror Image (passive)
  2. Glass Dash
  3. Shard Split
  4. Reflection Fragmentation (ulti)

3.      Shannguan Wan’er

The blossoming flower buds will emerge as a coquettish peony in an instant. When the young girl curiously extended her fingertips to touch it, the flower’s petals wilted and turned into a dark mist that engulfed her and carried her out into the void. The girl kicked repeatedly while screaming and until…

She abruptly awoke from her dream. The girl’s heart continued to beat rapidly. Yet another terrifying nightmare This recurring dream had severely plagued her since she was three years old. The girl always gets a gut feeling, though, that there is a secret in the dream that is tightly linked to a portion of her memories. But she was unable to recall anything.

In addition to housing priceless books from around the globe, the Royal Huan Huan Library also houses scrolls of calligraphy and artwork created by a number of well-known artists. The female servants who were sent to the Tuck Court for their misdeeds now run the library. Wan’er, a girl, is one among them.

Her grandfather was formerly a courtier of the former emperor who served as Taifu to the prince who was disbanded. Nobody anticipated Lao Lai’s involvement in the prince’s abrogated insurrection, which had an impact on his family, though. The ladies were brought into the court as slaves, while the men were drafted into the army. The girl entered the palace at the age of just four. However, family members stopped coming after a while, and now just the lonely girl is steadily maturing. Despite working long hours in the library, she practiced calligraphy every day. Her grandfather, a well-known calligrapher, left her one remembrance.

Shannguan’s abilities

  1. Ink Brush Array (passive)
  2. Carved Print + Proper Position
  3. White Flight + Hidden Wind
  4. Cursive Poem – Golden Order (ulti)

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