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Honor of Kings Top 3 Archer Characters

Honor of Kings is one of the most successful MOBA’s ever created. Millions of players around the world are enjoying the battle experience through some of the coolest champions ever made.

In some of the previous articles, we have talked about our number one pick when it comes to Honor of Kings’ archers – Marco Polo. If you want to learn more about him, you can do it right here.

But, today we bring you another set of some of the best assasin heroes, which you can choose alongside other Honor of Kings character classes – Mage, Assasin, Warrior, Tank, and Support.

Di Renjie – The Master of Cases

A well-known Tang Dynasty judge and detective. Di Renjie went on to become one of Wu Zetian’s most dependable chancellors. His sharp intellect and sense of justice helped him serve the Empress, and he was generally regarded as an upright man in contrast to the Empress’s murkier morality.

He weeded out many corrupt individuals throughout the Tang Dynasty using cunning, intelligence, and wit; this helped to immortalize him as “Judge Dee” in numerous stories.

Di Renjie’s abilities

  • Swift (passive)
  • Command
  • Escape
  • Dynasty Decree

Genghis Khan – The Spawn of the Wolf

The amazing leader of the Mongolian Horde marched throughout Asia with his horde, conquering, looting, and scouring whatever they came across. China was no exception to the list of countries he briefly overcame. Genghis Khan is still regarded as one of the greatest conquerors in human history, earning the moniker “The Scourge of God.”

Genghis Khan’s abilities

  • The Hunt (passive)
  • Eagle Eye
  • Beast Trap
  • Khan’s Wild Hunt

Hou Yi – The Bow of Demigods

The husband of Chang’e and a legendary, immortal archer, Hou Yi was enlisted to take action when China was overrun by nine suns scorching the landscape. All but one of the eight suns were taken out by him using his bow, which also raised the temperature in China. Hou Yi and Chang’e were punished by losing their immortality because those suns were the sons of the Jade Emperor of the time, Di Jun.

Hou Yi was able to obtain the elixir of immortality, but Chang’e ultimately drank it alone because she was in great need, severing their relationship for good. After losing Chang’e, Hou Yi lived the remainder of his life alone. According to some versions, he eventually became a despot and was killed by one of his pupils.

Hou Yi’s abilities

  • Punishment Shot (passive)
  • Multiple Arrows
  • Sunset Glow
  • Sunburning Arrow

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