Fortnite: Father destroys computer of eSport pro

A young Fortnite pro from the USA put such a strain on his father’s nerves that he finally resorted to the extreme.

Fortnite comes across as a “motley” computer game. Many users might only think of simple entertainment at this point. But no way, Fortnite is an immensely important branch of the eSports world.

The Champion Series in particular is quite something. After all, a prize money of 3 million dollars is at stake. It’s hardly surprising that numerous young players see the Champion Series as their chance.

However, the young pro “Remedy” has now seen his Fortnite game become his undoing. The US boy devoted himself to the game so intensively that his father finally lost his nerve. “Dad Remedy” took the gamer’s PC to pieces in a fit of rage, true to the motto: family first.

What had happened?

The Battle Rounds for the Fortnite Champions Series have been running since July 6. Thousands of players worldwide are active in order to qualify for the final round via the eliminations and thus for the chance to win the really big money. Among them is “Remedy” in Texas.

The young Fortnite gamer was in the middle of a qualifying round of FNCS on July 9 when his father told him the family was leaving for a family reunion. The dad gave his son as a few minutes to turn off the computer. Remedy was good at “business” in his round, however, and didn’t think to turn off the computer at all.

His father’s nerves must have been strained during the ensuing exchange of words. The father demolished his son’s entire gaming setup in the heat of the moment. No device was left unscathed. If you’re going to go for it, go for it.

Remedy posts his misfortune on Twitter

Remedy later shared his father’s “work” with the Fortnite community via Twitter. The pictures show a completely destroyed PC setup. The father’s destructive rage did not stop at any monitor or headsets. The young gamer was only able to save the graphics card.

Luck in the misfortune – new PC already in the approach

Remedy’s story has caused quite a stir in the Fortnite scene. It is worth mentioning here that the young gamer saved or earned his entire gaming equipment himself. The young American had not received a single dollar from his parents.

PowerGPU, an American manufacturer of custom PCs, reacted without further ado and put together a completely new gaming computer for the gamer. The community collected additional donations for the hardware.

Remedy should be pleased in view of the help, of course, but it’s too late for the current Champion Series. The decisive finals of the Battle Rounds are already underway. Remedy can write off the top prize for now, but at least he can continue working on his pro career.

EPIC Games excludes players

Moving on to a completely different incident, EPIC Games has excluded pro “Sin”, who had actually qualified for the Chapter 3 Season 2 finals in May, shortly before the decisive matches.

Sin had shown himself surrounded by guns and ammunition in a Twitter video. His appearance combined with racist remarks, prompted EPIC Games to kick him out. Sin will no longer complete a Fortnite pro game. He self-destructed his own career within minutes.

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