How To Perform A Wonderful Bicycle Kick In FIFA 23

Undoubtedly one of the most stunning goals you can achieve in FIFA 23 is by using the bicycle kick. Here’s how to do a bicycle kick in #FIFA23 whether you want to style on an Ultimate Team foe or score a spectacular goal to win a trophy in Career Mode.

Players have a ton of opportunities to showcase their ingenuity and innovation during FIFA 23 gaming. Mastering FIFA 23’s skill movements is one of the best methods to do this, but spectacular goals can also succeed.

None of the goals you may score in FIFA 23 are as impressive or as enjoyable to execute as the renowned bicycle kick. In Division Rivals, #FUTChampions, and even Career Mode, your opponents are certain to be terrified by this spectacular goal.

Here is all the information you require for scoring a bicycle kick goal in FIFA 23.

How To Utilize a Bicycle Kick?

In EA’s FIFA 23, you must hold L2 or LT while shooting while the ball is up in the air to execute a bicycle kick.

While the bicycle kick is undoubtedly an amazing objective to achieve, you’ll find that pulling one off flawlessly is pretty challenging. Bicycle kick goals are uncommon, but if you develop your instincts to spot the ideal moment, your effectiveness will soar.

Bicycle kick goals in FIFA 23 resemble the infamous Trivela shot in that they depend entirely on timing. The most important factor in successfully executing a bicycle kick is the player’s position in regard to the ball. The player with their back to the goal should have the ball slightly ahead of them.

You can wrap your ankle behind the ball in this position, hopefully preventing it from flying wildly over the bar.

It’s vital to remember that in FIFA 23, players that possess the Flair trait are more likely to try a clean bicycle kick. Therefore, before you attempt one, it’s crucial to research your team of players and understand their skills.

The Conclusion

Is it easy to perform a bicycle kick? No. But is it worth mastering this type of shot? Absolutely. It will require tons of practice, and will probably result in lots of misses at the beginning.

However, once you get comfortable with pulling it off, you will gain a superstar among your friends and a massive respect from anyone you play against.

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