How To Improve Your Shooting Skills & Accuracy In FIFA 2023

FIFA 23 is one of the global phenomena, and without a doubt it is responsible for hundreds of thousands of hours of entertainment. Whether you’re playing against clubs in one of the modes or your friends while relaxing on the weekends, long-range shots are a big aspect of the game. If you master the art of performing them, your FIFA experience will be incomparably better.

Free-kicks have been the subject of numerous social media remarks and videos regarding FIFA 23. Free-kick technique is the subject of numerous videos, many of which make the claim that “free-kicks have never been so easy.”

The FIFA 23 free-kick system has been modified. The new technique is built on a predictive line and allows you to be much more particular with your spin type in comparison to the old system, which required you to aim a single circle at a place and add spin in the run-up.

How To Utilize Free Kicks in FIFA 23?

Reviews indicate that a formula of elevating the line slightly above the default setting and utilizing between two and two and a half and three on the power bar works consistently well for a typical curler with the inside of the foot. To increase precision, you should particularly press the shot button a second time just before the player makes contact.

But one tweet in particular emphasizes the usage of the outside of the foot. In a response to this post, one user claims that on FIFA 23, free kicks are always taken with the outside of the foot.

Many consider this to be an advancement for the game. On Techraider, Axel Metz writes that FIFA 23 “puts the threat back into free-kicks and corners.”

In essence, FIFA 23 gives you the opportunity to exert more control over how the ball gets to its destination from a free-kick or corner, he would go on to remark. The only mechanical difference is that the ball now has a tiny trajectory line that shows ahead of it to give you a general indication of where it will land after being kicked. I learned to value this improved ball control. We didn’t have this level of set piece curation in FIFA 22 or its predecessors.

The Negatives of The Latest Technique

However, not everyone views it favorably.

In response to a discussion about free-kick technique on Twitter, one user was adamant that EA needed to change this as it was making the game too simple. They claimed that goals from free-kicks were guaranteed by simply moving the line of the ball away from the goalkeeper and selecting three power bars.

Set-piece specialists will become more valued in the game as a result of this adjustment, which is another outcome.

James Ward-Prowse is a very good midfielder in the real world, but his abilities do not translate to the game because he lacks speed and cannot dribble.

Undoubtedly, the Southampton ace and others similar to him will make a significant impact in the virtual world because of their reliable and effective dead-ball delivery.

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