FIFA23 – Vlahovic To Receive SBC Status Because of World Cup

Dusan Vlahovic has been revealed as the newest participant in the World Cup Phenoms FIFA23 Ultimate Team campaign, which is reaching its completion. To the delight of Serie A and Serbian FUT enthusiasts, FIFA Trading Romania, a trade and leak-based Twitter profile, recently reported that the Serbian ace would earn an SBC within days ahead.

Dusan’s World Cup Journey

Serbia was widely regarded as one of the tournament’s dark horses before it started. They didn’t have as many stars on their roster as countries like France or Brazil, but they did have talent and experience in a variety of positions. They had brief chances in the group stage to qualify for the knockout rounds, with Vlahovic leading their attack, but they just didn’t click together and went home after the group stage.

During the past two seasons, Dusan Vlahovic has become more well-known in Europe. The 22-year-old goal scorer made an impression in Serie A while playing for Fiorentina, which led to a high-profile transfer to Juventus. Since then, he has maintained this strong run of play by frequently ranking among the league’s best scorers and putting forth comparable efforts for his country’s team.

He was given a Future Stars edition in FIFA 22, and it rapidly rose to the top of the promo card list. He is likely to acquire a similar degree of popularity and viability in-game with his leaked World Cup Phenoms version in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

The Card Everyone’s Talking About

The leaked account projected that Vlahovic would be an 88-rated card with the following characteristics in six major elements, while the precise overall rating and stats of the card remain unclear.

Pace: 86

Dribbling: 83

Shooting: 89

Defending: 32

Passing: 71

Physicality: 85

He has three-star talents and a three-star weak foot in his base gold version, both of which are likely to be improved in the most recent update. The special 86-rated Team of the Week item that the FIFA 23 global ambassador already has in-game will definitely be surpassed by his World Cup Phenoms edition.

According to his gold and Team of the Week versions’ talents and anticipated numbers, Vlahovic will be a somewhat one-dimensional striker in the upcoming FIFA 23 meta. His poor dribbling and passing will prevent him from being anything other than a goal scorer, like Erling Haaland, despite his respectable pace and excellent shooting ability.

Although these cards had a significant impact on the “lengthy” meta, the game today favors attackers who are more adaptable and quick. Vlahovic will nevertheless be an asset for any Serie A team, particularly when coupled with a quick supporting striker. His precise finishing skills will make him a threat for any defense to handle and his SBC shouln’t be cheaply priced as well. There is no doubt that Vlahovic’s card will be an object of great value in the FIFA community, and possibly included as an esports betting reward or a wager item.

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