FIFA eNations Cup – German e-footballers miss out on class championship

On the way to the FIFA eNations Cup there was a setback for the German e-soccer national team. The team “DullenMIKE” and “Hensoo” has been relegated to Division B in the second matchweek. The chances in the “Road to the FIFA eNations Cup” have decreased. But not everything is lost yet.

Matchweek 2 at a glance

The DFB e-Kickers could have started Matchweek 2 with confidence. In the first week of matches, the players earned a strong second place in the table.

In the first double match, the opponent was Bulgaria. Against the promoted team from Division 2, Germany was actually favored, but could not master the task at 1:5 and 1:3. The subsequent defeats against the top team from Spain were more or less calculated. In the second match against the e-sport La Roja, however, the DFB kickers put in a good performance in a tight 1:2

The Germans then picked up their first point in the goalless match against Russia. Instead of immediately following up, however, the second match was unfortunately given away. The only win in Matchweek 2 then came for the DFB duo in a 3-2 win over Scotland. Against Portugal, Italy and against Sweden, only one more point was added, so that Germany clearly ended up in last place in the table.

All results at a glance

Below we have compiled the results of the German national team in the second matchweek.

Germany – Bulgaria: 1:5 // 1:3
Spain – Germany: 6:1 // 2:1
Germany – Russia: 0:0 // 1:3
Scotland – Germany: 1:4 // 3:2
Germany – Portugal 0:2 // 0:4
Italy – Germany: 2:1 // 1:1
Sweden – Germany: 3:0 // 6:0

Matchweek 2 was concluded with the following table:

Spain 28 points
Italy: 27 points
Sweden: 27 points
Portugal: 25 points
Scotland: 19 points
Russia: 15 points
Bulgaria: 11 points
Germany: 5 points
Two tournaments to go: Chance available

Matchweek 3 Germany now has to play in Division 2. The way to the FIFA eNations Cup will be extremely difficult, but the chance to reach the final is not completely off the table. If Germany finishes in the top three in Matchweek 3, their return to Division 1 would be assured. In the final, fourth play-in round, the DFB e-Kickers would then have to win the tournament to punch their tickets to the “FIFA eNations Cup”.

DFB Cup defense for “DullenMIKE” and “Hensoo

The two German national players Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen and Kai “Hensoo” Hense were part of the team from the district league club Celtic Worms FC last year, which sensationally won the first eSport DFB Cup. In the final, the Worms team beat the Bundesliga team from 1. FC Cologne 5:2. At the beginning of March, it’s time to defend the title.

The qualification rounds for the DFB eSport Cup have been completed. The preliminary rounds will be played on March 5 and 6. Afterwards, the national cups will be awarded. The top teams will then play the second DFB eSport Pokalsieger in knockout mode. Can “DullenMIKE” and “Hensoo” defend the title with Celtic Worms FC and thus once again secure eligibility to play for the national team?