FIFA 23 – The Best Strikers To Use For The Ultimate Team

In FIFA 23, having the finest strikers on your squad is crucial to success, especially if you want to win the game’s coveted trophy. The top attackers for your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team may be found on our list of the finest meta strikers.

Custom tactics and formations are key for anyone trying to build a strong team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but the most important component will always be good players.

A world-class striker will win you matches by scoring goals, while a top-notch goalie will keep the ball out of the net and a clever midfielder will thread the ball into space for your strikers.

It is crucial that you purchase the right striker who complements your strategy and has a high rate of accuracy. A world-class striker must possess a variety of qualities, such as clinical finishing, quick feet, and the strength to hold off center-backs.

Depending on what your squad is lacking and how you want to tactically line up in your matches, you should consider how much you value each of these characteristics.

Remember that many of the players at the top of our list will have a major in-game cost, even after the game has been out for a while.

Obviously, if you’re prepared to pay more money, you’ll probably get more goals and assists from that player. However, every choice on our list has promise.


Name: FIFA Rating: Team:
1.       Kylian Mbappe 91 Paris Saint-Germain
2.       Robert Lewandowski 91 FC Barcelona
3.       Cristiano Ronaldo 90 Man United
4.       Harry Kane 89 Tottenham Hotspur
5.       Erling Haaland 88 Man City
6.       Ciro Immobile 86 SS Lazio
7.       Lautaro Martinez 86 Inter Milan
8.       Romelu Lukaku 86 Inter Milan
9.       Jamie Vardy 85 Leicester City
     10.  Patrik Schick 85 Bayer Leverkusen


This was a list of the top 10 rated strikers in FIFA 23, so if you think it should be expanded, feel free to experiment through the game and judge for yourself. The more knowledge you gather, the better decisions you will make when playing against other players, making wagers on esports betting, trading player’s cards, etc.

We hope this article was helpful to you. In case you need some more info related to FIFA and how esports betting works in general, feel free to check out our free guide right here.

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