FIFA 23 – Real-world signings affecting CR7’s in-game status

Cristiano Rolando have become a free agent in FIFA 23's Career mode after really leaving Manchester United.

There is zero doubt that one of the best soccer players of all time is Cristiano Ronaldo, which   players that the community consistently supports and wants on their squad in Career Mode. The legendary soccer phenom is now classified as a free agent in #FIFA23 due to real-life career decisions.

The FIFA 23 community started debating Ronaldo's value in the game and his status as a free agent in a Reddit thread. According to one user, he was “acquired for $29 thousand and a $100k signing bonus. The very least I could get was that.”

How To Utilize Ronaldo’s Free Agency?

Ronaldo becoming a free agent can have a great impact on your career mode team forming. Thanks to the recent turn of events, many people will be able to add him to the roster, depending on their preferences, of course.

Others have used Ronaldo's status as a free agent to return him to his former teams and even put him together with some former colleagues. Another Reddit user commented, “Brought him back to Madrid in my career mode and considering acquiring Bale as well to reunite the BBC.”

Real-life Ronaldo's return to Manchester United was a complete disaster, with questions about his play, little playing time, and on-field outbursts drawing harsh criticism and anger from both fans and commentators.

He has now joined the Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr FC. Ronaldo's club status may have changed in FIFA 23, but for the time being, he still appears to be a free agent.

Creator of online media iShowSpeed recently disclosed that Ronaldo's team sent an invitation for him to meet with him. Speed has recently gained popularity for his amusing FIFA films, so meeting Ronaldo will undoubtedly result in some viral footage, which we will probably see within the game.

There is no doubt that EA Sports, as well as the Saudis will know how to use CR7's name to increase the popularity of football in their region, and earn tons of money in the process, meaning that the season for Ronaldo will be filled with many cool activities off the pitch.

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