FIFA 23 – How To Become a Better Penalty Shooter

In FIFA 23, penalties may sometimes be the thing that decides a game. If you want to win regularly, you’ll need to know how to score them.

The most terrible way to lose is to play your best game on the field and have the game go to penalty shoot-out, only for you to miss a crucial shot.

Fortunately, this article will provide you with the most effective method for making all of your FIFA 23 penalties. However, you must first comprehend the primary modifications made to penalties in FIFA 23.

How To Make The Best Of Penalties in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has modified penalties to provide a more fluid system that rewards good timing and accurate aim.

The ball is surrounded by a circle that seems to grow before contracting. The Composure Ring is what this is known as. It will be just barely visible under the ball when enlarged and will appear crimson when condensed.

  • Press O/B when you’re ready to shoot. Once you are ready to take the shot press the O/B button.
  • You want to shoot once the Composure Ring is small and green. After you’ve pressed the buttons, the shot will be performed according your timing with the Composure Ring.
  • Your biggest concern is to avoid shooting while the ring is coloured in red, since the ball will end up somewhere in the audience behind the goal.

In FIFA 23, you must aim slightly to the right or left, use full strength, and time your shot with the green circle to successfully convert every penalty. Hold O/B until the circle reaches full strength after waiting till it turns green and is barely visible.

Do not be concerned if the ball crosses the goal. No matter how much strength you use, if you timing the Composure Ring perfectly, the ball will always travel in the direction of the goal as long as you position it correctly.

Aim gently to the left or right using the Left Stick.

However, you shouldn’t use your analog sticks excessively. The ball will strike the crossbar or err slightly off the goal if you shoot too far right or left.

Simply move the Left Stick for a few milliseconds and then release it.

This will result in a shot that is extremely effective, difficult to spot, and incredibly difficult to block unless the other player dives in front of you.

The Conclusion

These were some of the penalty shooting tips in FIFA 23, so if you think there’s anything else that can be done, feel free to experiment through the game and judge for yourself. The more knowledge you gather, the better decisions you will make when playing against other players, making wagers on esports betting, trading player’s cards, etc.

We hope this article was helpful to you. In case you need some more info related to FIFA and how the esports aspects of it, feel free to check out our free guide right here.

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