FIFA 23 – All You Need To Know About Winter Wildcards Swaps

This year’s holiday promotion, FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards, is bringing the well-liked swaps element back for another round. This comprehensive guide to the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Swaps includes information on the anticipated start date and prizes.

While it’s possible that FIFA players were disappointed to see the widely-liked FUTMAS promotion go in recent years, Winter Wildcards, which took its place in FIFA 22, was well accepted. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it will return in FUT 23.

The popular swaps feature will return with FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards, according to leakers, in addition to introducing a new set of special cards to the game. Fans will be happy to see the idea resurface this Christmas because it has been in a lot of events this year, including the World Cup.

Everything you need to know about the rumored start date and potential awards for the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Swaps is provided below.

Start & End dates for the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps

Winter Wildcard Swaps will start when the promotion debuts in Ultimate Team on Friday, December 23, 2022, according to reputable FIFA leaker FUT Sheriff. Players can now start doing tasks in an effort to acquire the first set of tokens when they have been added.

Sheriff also disclosed that until Friday, January 13, 2023, users can redeem their rewards through the in-game menus, enabling them three weeks to grind for the packs or unique cards they desire.

How Do FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Swaps Work?

The FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps event invites players to complete in-game tasks in order to win up to 25 tokens, much like many other FUT events this season. These can then be entered into unique SBCs in exchange for rewarding prizes.

As would be expected, individuals who have the time to unlock every token will have access to the best rewards, which typically include prestigious special cards like Icons. There are, however, also lesser rewards that simply need a limited number of goals to be accomplished.

One free token is given to each participant at the start of the event, but the remaining tokens must be acquired by successfully performing special tasks. These frequently include scoring a specified number of goals in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or FUT Friendlies using players from a particular league or country.

Keep an eye on the time restriction for each objective because tokens will come in two waves. But if you do run out of bonus tokens before receiving your selected reward, they will be sold in packs at the store.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Swaps Prizes

Sadly, the complete list of Winter Wildcard Swaps awards is presently unknown because they won’t be made public until the event begins soon before Christmas. Having said that, a few mainstays will undoubtedly return.

The lowest tiers are typically filled with special packs that give a lot of players with a specified rating, like 25 players with ratings of 83 or higher. Additionally, there will be a few Winter Wildcard goods that are only accessible as exchanges prizes.

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