FIFA 23 – 3 Tips That Could Significantly Boost Your Game

The long-awaited release of FIFA 23 includes a number of new features that alter everything from shooting to dribbling. Strangely, unless a new agreement is reached, this will be the final FIFA game produced in collaboration with EA.

The long-running football franchise appears to want to leave a lasting impression by including genuine next-gen elements that could improve gameplay.

And with all of the fresh updates and features included in FIFA 23, it’s time to reassess and hone your skills once more. Even if you’re a true FIFA great, each new game will require you to pick up the rules all over again because fundamentals like penalties and corners have changed.

We’ve compiled three essential tips for improving at FIFA 23 to help you get back into the game. There are tips to help you become a better dribbler, master the tempo of next-generation games, and more. Here are three FIFA 23 methods to improve your performance.

Have Multiple Playing Strategies & Adjust Your Lineup Accordingly

Formations and Tactics play a huge role in both Career Mode and Ultimate Team gameplay. We advise setting up the four default techniques linked to the left and right buttons on the d-pad, even if you’d want to make things as informal as possible.

If you’re winning, keep Ultra Defense as a backup plan, and if you’re losing, save Ultra Attacking for a last-ditch assault in the final 10 minutes of play.

Attacking and Defense should be utilized to scout the opposing team. Use defense if they are consistently gaining possession of the ball and making runs. Attack if it appears that they have a wall at their back. It’s best to quickly search YouTube for examples of different Formations to see what other players are employing. Making this tiny investment at the beginning of your FIFA 23 career will pay off much afterwards.

Offense Wins Games, Defense Wins Championships

FIFA 23 has made changes to defense, making it more crucial than ever. As a result, you will have to manually control your defenders, which might cause a variety of problems. The form of your back line is the most important item to consider at all times.

Avoid tackling until absolutely necessary. Instead, maintain your back line intact by using your midfielders to advance more forcefully. You give your opponent room when you start moving the defense out of position.

Hold on tight, go more slowly, and wait for them to initiate contact. Holding your line when an attacking player runs in is the best course of action nine times out of 10.

Practice Ball Handling As If Your Life Depends On It

Early on in FIFA 23, you’ll learn how to cover and defend the ball, but many players forget it as they advance. Holding LT/L2 allows you to bend over the ball with your back to the defense. When winning the ball out of the air and as a first touch, this is extremely helpful. Shield will frequently move closer to your player if you tap it briefly, making it simpler to grasp onto.

Ball possession in general is also subject to protecting the ball. Look at your possession metrics if you’re losing. You probably lose the ball a lot in middle. To increase this stat, slow down, take a breath, and make some passes. Holding the ball will allow you to organically discover scoring opportunities as your players make runs and your opponent’s tackling becomes more ferocious.

These were our top 3 tips for FIFA 23, so if you think anything should be added, feel free to experiment through the game and see what works for yourself. The more knowledge you gather, the better decisions you will make when playing against other players, making wagers on esports betting, trading player’s cards, etc.

We hope this article was helpful to you. In case you need some more info related to FIFA and how esports betting works in general, feel free to check out our free guide right here.

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