Best Esports FIFA Tournaments To Bet On

As FIFA is one of the most popular eSports in the world, it is logical that the tournaments related to this game are one of the highest quality and most watched by fans.

Every year, the organizers try to surpass the previous year’s tournament. They do this for two reasons – the “Wow” factor that the audience wants, as well as prestige within the eSports community. Of course, this is constantly being tried in other eSports as well, but FIFA is one of those that manages to do it every year.

This article will present you with the top 5 FIFA esports competitions that bring in only the most talented players, have very attractive prize pools and are eligible for esports betting so that the champions are not the only ones making money.

FIFAe World Cup

Participants from all over the world compete through FUT Champions format in an effort to become Verified FUT Champions as the hunt for the ultimate FIFAe champion starts at home.

The top competitors then advance to online qualifiers that are held throughout the FIFA Global Series season.

The most gifted athletes who have accrued the most points all throughout season from these thrilling double-elimination knockout tournaments—as well as from various domestic league programs—move on to play in the Playoffs with the aim of competing in the most anticipated and tense season-ending event, the FIFAe World CupTM.

Speaking of technicalities and numbers, 32 of the world’s top FIFA players compete in the FIFAe World Cup, a yearly 1v1 competition. The prize money for the 2022 contest was a whopping $500,000. Four groups of eight teams each are formed from the teams, and a A single-elimination playoff is then played amongst the top four teams from each group.

This year’s finals featured players from Argentina and Germany. Umut defended the colours of German squad RBLZ Gaming, while nicolas99fc was playing for Guild Esports from Argentina. The German player was able to edge out his opponent and collect an amazing reward of $250,000.

FIFAe World Cup – CLUBS

Another significant annual esports tournament is the FIFAe Club World Cup. Due to the 2v2 format and the fact that players are representing their esport teams rather than their countries, it differs slightly from the World Cup. The most 24 strong esports teams, including Movistar Riders, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Team Vitality, competed in the 2022 competition. With a prize pool of an incredible $300,000, the competition was ultimately won by Movistar Riders, who defeated “Serious About FIFA”.

Speaking of the next season, all 42 participants in the FIFAe Club World Cup 2023TM zone finals have been confirmed after a competitive online qualifying campaign in which a record number of over 480 teams competed.

In addition to the USD 105,000 in prize money awarded following the online qualifiers, two players from each club battled on the largest stage of competitive FIFA to establish their teams’ legacies and for a total prize pool of USD 300,000. More teams than ever before have shown off their talents to a global audience after qualifying for the zone finals with 42 teams.

The most hyped FIFA esports professional event of the year will feature teams from traditional football clubs like Inter eSports, endemic esports teams like Mkers, and community teams like WICKED ESPORTS.

To be one of the six zone winners, each team competed against its opponents for ultimate victory and the brightest spotlight.

FIFAe Nations Cup

The FIFAe Nations Cup brings together the world’s best FIFA nations to determine which one is the FIFA absolute best. Twenty-four countries competed in the 2022 tournament, including England, Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Sweden, and Portugal. Teams competed for a pretty large $400,000 prize pool.

The 2v2 FIFAe Nations Cup begins with 2. The single-elimination playoff round then begins with the four teams from each of the four groups. Brazil defeated Poland in the final in 2022 and took home $120,000!

For this competition, players need to go through FIFAe Nations Play-Ins before earning a spot on the big scene. The top nations will advance directly to the FIFAe Nations PlayoffsTM, while the remaining qualifiers will compete for positions in the FIFAe Nations Online Qualifiers in April in an effort to fill the final few openings in the qualification stage.

The Playoffs will determine the top 23 countries in the world, who will then join the host country in qualifying for the series’ crowning competition, the FIFAe Nations Cup 2023TM.

English ePremier League

Besides the biggest global tournaments, the Premier League and Electronic Arts collaborate to bring us one of the esports version of one of the most watched football leagues in the world – the ePremier League (ePL).

Top English Premier League clubs including Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Tottenham have their own own esports squads.

Twenty EPL teams played in the 2022 ePremier League for £100,000 GBP. The top two teams advanced to the finals after the group stage of the competition. It ultimately came down to Brentford and Norwich City FC. In the end, Norwich City FC won 5-1 and received £30,000.

Since 2019, the ePL competition has been held annually and is available to any UK players who are 16 years of age or older as well as any professionals who have signed contracts with the Club. Before moving on to the Finals tournament in early Spring, players must pass through the qualification and Club playoff phases.

eChampions League

The Champions League also has an esports counterpart. Only eight of the top athletes who competed in the qualifying rounds are invited to this extremely restricted event. There was a $225,000 USD prize up for grabs in 2022.

The 2022 competition was quite interesting and had a few well-known participants, like Tekkz, Umut, and nicolas99fc. Tekkz and nicolas99fc squared off in the championship match, but sadly for the Englishman, nicolas99fc emerged victorious 4-1.

The competition is held on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with each tournament’s cross-console final including the winners of each platform competing against one another over two legs.

The Liverpool player Tekkz was named the overall champion of the inaugural ePremier League competition in 2019.

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