Dota 2 – Thunder Awaken Says Goodbye To The Entire Roster

One of the biggest #Dota2 offseason rumors has finally been confirmed with #ThunderAwakens announcement of the departure of its entire record-breaking team.

Only three players from TA’s The International 2022 lineup remained shortly after the announced departures of #DarkMago and #Sacred, who had been confirmed to join #BeastCoast after the other top-South American side split up its own historical roster.

What’s Next After The Thunderstorm?

The remaining players have since left the team and are now free agents, however it’s extremely probable that the majority of supporters already know where they’re headed.

At TI11, this TA roster created Dota history by becoming the first SA team to ever place in the top six thanks to a spectacular run that featured what is likely the tournament’s best game. However, when the post-TI roster shuffle started, the players’ possibilities increased as a result of their success.

First to go were DarkMago and Sacred, then head coach Vintage, and finally the final three players.

After TI11, Evil Geniuses reportedly reached an agreement with the remaining TA roster, and they will be pairing Chris Luck and Wisper from the former beastcoast with Pakazs, Matthew, and Pandaboo.

After releasing its entire lineup in one of the biggest shakeups to ever affect the American regions, EG will now investigate its alternatives for competing in SA during the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit.

Following this action, those rumors gained even more credence, so TA formally announced the departure of its whole staff, thanking them for the historic year and wished them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

The International was our dream when this new project began last year, and we are pleased to have realized it with you, said TA Chief Executive Eduardo Ku Bustios. “We are thrilled to share these successes with you and send you our best wishes as you take on your upcoming challenges. There are no boundaries.

The Conclusion

TA also has no intention of leaving the Dota scene, despite the fact that losing such a strong team after just one year together is undoubtedly demoralizing.

Instead, the organization is already trying to assemble a new starting lineup for the 2023 season using the region’s expanding pool of excellent players.

Should EG be successful in expanding into SA, it will only develop further as a Dota 2 region, with even more businesses sponsoring top-tier lineups.

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