Dota 2 – Team Secret & TSM Making Big Roster Additions

After TSM’s underwhelming performance at The International 2022, the team’s Dota2 lineup underwent a significant makeover. Earlier in the roster-shuffle season, TSM fired #Dubu, promoted #MoonMeander to coach, and declared Matthew #Ari Walker and Matthew #Whitemon Filemon to take up Dubu’s responsibilities.

Meanwhile, with the addition of Miroslav #BOOM Bian to Team Secret’s Dota 2 squad today, the announcement series has come to an end. To replace Nisha in the mid-lane, the Gaimin Gladiators’ position one player will join the team.

TSM Situation

One of the most intriguing lineup changes in the North American Dota 2 region, aside from Evil Geniuses’ relocation to South America, involves TSM. The roster grew significantly younger as a result of the addition of two stars from two separate continents.

While Ari is 19 years old and Whitemon is 22 years old, MoonMeander and Dubu are 30 and 29 years old, which gives them just the right balance of youth and experience. It appears like TSM decided to bring in young talent in the hopes of growing them in NA when MoonMeander moved into a coaching position.

Whitemon has been a part of strong SEA rosters like Geek Fam and T1 despite his youth. Ari, on the other hand, was just starting out in the Dota Pro Circuit since he had only ever played with Into The Breach before. Although Ari’s Dota resume currently appears to be a little lacking, his history speaks for itself.

After Heroes of the Storm discontinued its esports sector in 2019, Ari, a former professional player, switched to Dota 2. Ari reached 9,000 MMR just two years after switching, and 11,000 MMR in 2022. Other European talent noticed his ability to pick things up quickly and advance at an unparalleled rate, and Ari qualified for the TI11 WEU qualifiers with his fourth-place performance in Into The Breach.

Team Secret Stepping Up

Since the Gaimin Gladiators’ Viking days, BOOM has gradually contributed to their success. BOOM remained a squad staple despite numerous roster changes, which is a quality he shares with Nisha.

The International 2022 runner-up team Secret has secured its squad for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit with BOOM’s addition. Fans are unsure as to whether Secret’s new mid-laner would fit in well with the team, despite the fact that he has been a formidable competitor at Dota 2’s highest level of competition.

Almost any additions to the lineup would initially appear to be a downgrade given Nisha’s history with Secret. Nisha was only beginning his career in professional Dota 2 when he first joined Secret. The Polish core player at Secret reached his pinnacle, and BOOM will be joining with more experience than Nisha did in the beginning.

With Puppey’s track record of transforming players into their best selves, joining Secret is a fantastic opportunity for BOOM to develop as a player, which will ultimately be advantageous for Secret.

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