Stewie2K ends his pro career

Stewie2K is one of the most famous CS:GO pros in the world. The 24-year-old US American – real name Jacky Yip – will leave the professional game and end his career – at least partially.

Stewie2K will remain with the fans in an unusual form, namely as a streamer.

Successfully active for several teams since 2015

Jacky Yip most recently belonged to the CS:GO Counter Strike Rooster of the Evil Geniuses, one of the most famous e-sports clans worldwide and especially in North America. Started his career in 2015, Stewie2K developed into one of the most successful e-Sports professionals in the US within a very short period of time.

In 2018, Stewie2K led his then team Cloud9 to the Major victory. For Cloud9, it has remained the only success at a Major event to this day. Followers of the eSports clan still think back to Stewie2K's achievements with reverence.

Just one year later, the US pro was able to score another top triumph for himself. With Team Liquid he secured the Intel Grand Slam.

The five most glaring plays by Stewie2K

In remembrance and in retrospect of a top career, we have summarized the five most amazing plays of the Counter Strike pro.

Stewie2K with his incredible B-Hold

The US boy delivered his most legendary performance in the finals of the Boston Majors, back then still in the ranks of Cloud9. His team already had its back to the wall in the match against FaZe Clan.

Stewie2K picked up an incredible B-Hold to lead his team into overtime and eventual victory.

The game in flaming hell

Also unforgettable is the decisive group match of ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018, in which Stewie sat at the console for Team SK Gaming. Against the Space Soldiers, the pro decided to grill his opponents in a special way back then.

With an Ace from the MP9, he secured a truly spectacular victory for SK Gaming that the fan community is still talking about today.

USP-Play dismantles Astralis Clan

In ESL Pro League Final 9, Stewie2K pulled off an unusual USP play that saw him take down the entire Astralis team in one fell swoop. At the time, Astralis was considered Team Liquid's nemesis.

Entry Fragger blasts defensives

It was Stewie2K's special strength as Entry Fragger to destroy the defensive lines of the opponents anyway. Stewie2K will probably remain one of the most feared Entry Fraggers ever.

Class at the sniper rifle

Stewie has also proven his exceptional status in the sniper rifles several times. At AWP, he trumped big against BIG during the DreamHack Open in Denver in 2017, when he cached the entire, opponent's lineup to pieces.

New streamer career sure to be another success

The now former top pro has already established a second leg for himself in recent months. Stewie2K, who was born in San Francisco, has begun building his own fan base as a live streamer via Twitch and YouTube.

The numbers of followers are already impressive, so Stewie2K's success is virtually preprogrammed. His fans expressed positive sentiments throughout after his retirement. They are thrilled that their star is not leaving the Counter Strike community completely.

However, you can still admire the American's gaming skills in the future. From now on, Stewie2K will focus on having fun while gaming and not on the pressure to succeed in a professional team.

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