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Steelseries Rival 100 – CS:GO Aim Test

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Counter Strike Global Offensive: Guide and tips to start playing the game

Today we bring you some tips and tricks for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the new version of what is probably the most popular shooter of all time.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is nothing less than the latest version of the shooter that marked a whole generation. With the rise of eSports and PC gaming, it has become even more competitive, with world rankings, teams and competitions galore.

Valve’s game has 11 million players a month and is one of the most popular games on Steam. Every day thousands more are added to the hours of players already flooding its servers, although in some cases the beginner stage can be very tough.

The competition is the same as in the old Counter Strike, but CS:GO takes it a step further. There are cash prizes and money at stake, which has led to some scandals involving betting and match-fixing.

Still, it is growing in popularity. It’s different from other shooters, because in Counter Strike: Global Offensive the characters don’t evolve. It is you, the player, who improves with practice and over time.

Game modes: the best of classic Counter with eSports

This edition of Counter-Strike, CS:GO, requires a guide to understand the basics of the new game modes. In addition to the two classics, hostage-taking and bomb defusing, there are some modifications that enrich the gaming experience.

For example, there is a mode called Arms Race, where everyone starts with an MP9. Each round, depending on how many kills you get in the previous round, you receive a different weapon. The more kills, the better the machine gun, so to speak.

There is also Demolition Mode, a variant of the Disable Mission. Your goal is to either blow up the bomb or defuse it, with the variety of gaining weapons with each round. As in Arms Race, more kills mean more firepower.

Deathmatch is a mission against the clock. This CS:GO mode is one of the most popular because of its fast pace. You have 10 minutes to score more points than your opponent in a 1 vs 1 match. You can either kill him or kill chickens, which are both equally useful.

Global Offensive’s two new online modes

CS:GO is an online multiplayer game where team matters a lot. Your individual ranking is what allows you to move up the league ladder and gain access to new items, weapons and equipment. As such, you have two options: casual mode and competitive mode.

In the former, you can complete the Hostage or Disable Mission without fear of falling off the leaderboard. You start with a set of weapons and a real team, from people like you who play online. You can use this mode to experiment and test weapons, moves and strategies.

Competitive mode is where the good guys play, the First Division. The game assigns you four teammates to play 5 vs 5 in Disable. Unlike Casual Mode, here you have to spend money to buy weapons at the end of each round. Be careful when shooting, as in Competitive there is friendly fire and you can leave your team one down if you don’t aim well.

Some tips before playing CS:GO online

CS:GO is a game that, as we have already mentioned, requires a lot of practice. Don’t take it lightly, practice. That’s what the casual mode and especially the offline mode with bots are for. You can use both to get to grips with the game controls, experiment with weapons and set up your mouse and keyboard properly.

This aspect is important, because if your mouse sensitivity is higher than recommended, you will end up missing one shot after another. Keyboard sensitivity is also important, which is why all the good ones have a gaming mouse and keyboard, preferably a mechanical keyboard.

Tips for finding the best strategy in Counter-Strike

It is difficult to give advice on how to be the best at CS:GO. Especially in offline, the level is very high and the tactics are as many as there are players in the game. That’s why the best trick is to train and select well which weapon you want to use.

Each map and player requires a different type of weaponry. There are some scenarios where ranged shooting is difficult, for example. Be aware of the conditions before spending money on equipment.

Once the game starts, try to take the initiative. Let your opponent adapt to you and not the other way around. Not that you should follow a kamikaze model, but don’t be afraid either, unless your team’s strategy is conservative.

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i'm waiting for this mouse to arrive but please they say that the best cpi/dpi to use in this rival 100 is 500dpi is it true ? if yes what will be the perfect ingame sens for 500dpi ? and thank you very much again for the videos ^^ keep on!

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