PGL Major Antwerp 2022: Starting field complete

The PGL Major 2022 in Antwerp casts its shadow ahead. The elimination rounds are over. The teams that will travel to Belgium in May have been determined. We have compiled the complete starting field for you in the news, as well as further information on the Counter Strike Global Offensive highlight.

Mode and teams of the PGL Major 2022

24 teams have qualified for the Counter Strike Games in Antwerp. In the elimination rounds in the past weeks the following starting places were assigned.

16 teams EU (8x European RMR A, 8x European RMR B)
6 teams from the American RMR
2 teams from the Asia Pacific RMR

The Challengers Stage

The Challenger Stage will be played between May 9th and May 12th. The following 16 teams will compete in the Swiss System format.

ENCE G2 Esports ForZe Astralis
Team Vitality MIBR Imperial Esports Bad New Eagles
Eternal Fire Team Sprit Outsiders Complexity Gaming
IHC Esports Renegades Team Liquid 9z Team

The Legends Stages

The eight best teams of the preliminary round qualify for the second stage of the PGL Major in Antwerp – for The Legends Stage. The current top eight teams in the Counter Strike Rankings are already qualified for the stage, specifically:

Heroic Copenhagen Flames BIG Cloud 9
FURIA Esports FaZe Clan Ninjas in Pyjamas Natus Vincere

The Legends Stage will also be played in Swiss System format from May 14 to May 17.

The Champions Stage

The top eight eSports clans from The Legends Stage will advance to the final round. The Champions Stage of the PGL 2022 Antwerp Major will be played between May 19 and 22. The playoffs will be played in a single elimination bracket, meaning it’s all or nothing for the teams.

Prize money and ranking points at the PGL Major

For the teams in Belgium it’s not only about the prestigious victory at the PGL Major tournament, but of course also about a lot of money and important ranking points. The Counter Strike highlight in Antwerp is endowed with 1 million dollars, which will be distributed as follows.

Winner = 500.000 $
Runner-up = 150.000 $
Semifinalists = 70.000 $
Quarterfinalists (Champions Stage Teams) = 35.000 $

Ranking points are doubled in May, for the Pro Tour and for the Blast Premier Series.

Place Pro Tour Blast Premier
1. 1.800 points 4.000 points
2nd 1.400 points 2.000 points
3rd/4th 1,100 points 1,250 points
5th-8th 700 points 375 points
9-11. 330 points

12th-14th 200 points

15th/16th 105 points

17th-19th 60 points

20th-22nd 20 points

The winner of the PGL Major in Antwerp has also secured his starting place at the Blast Premier Turner. In addition to the 4,000 points in the ranking, there is the direct qualification on top.

Spectators at the PGL Major

The Challenges Stage and The Legends Stage are still played without fans. Spectators are only allowed in Antwerp for the matches on The Champions Stage – i.e. in the final round. The playoff decider matches up to the final will be played at Antwerps Sportpalais. The Major tournament is supported by three sponsors. PGL was able to win, Bitget and Secretlab as partners for the Counter Strike event.