Natus Vincere signs complete women’s team

eSports is still a male domain. However, there are a few “girls’ teams” that have made positive headlines with their results in recent months, including the Polish eSports clique Totalne Gituwy. For the five ladies there is now the next step in their career, which was supported by the initiative “Born to Win”.

Totalne Gituwy was taken over by the well-known eSport clan Natus Vincere. From now on the Counter Strike players will be active under the label NAVI Javelins. The “new” team already competed for the first time last weekend, in a match against Equipa.

Totalne Gituwy on the road to success

The Totalne Gituwy clique consists of five girls from Poland, who are coached by a Ukrainian head coach. The team last played in the ESL Impact League Season 1 and there in the European Division.

The results of the Polish girls speak for themselves. They survived the elimination matches in the ESL Impact League and then entered the group stage. There, Totalne Gituwy absolutely held their own. The clique won all the matches. The success is all the more surprising because the players all still have relatively little experience and have defeated clans that already have a name in the scene.

We think at this point for example GODSENT Female, NOFEAR5 and Ambush Esports Fe. However, the winning streak in the ESL Impact League group stage is only one side of the positive coin. In total, Totalne Gituwy has a win rate of 80 percent, which is more than an insider tip for eSports betting fans.

The Polish team will continue in the league playoffs, where they will compete under the new label NAVI Javelins.

The start was unsuccessful, but …

The first match for the NAVI Javelins did not really go as planned. The Polish team lost with 1:2 against Equipa. The defeat was certainly a disappointment. However, it is by no means the end of the day, on the contrary. The big goal of the Polish women remains. They want to play at the LAN finals in Dallas. With the integration into the professional structure of Natus Vincere, they have come a big step closer to their goal. Captain Liina also sees it that way.

“Being invited to NAVI is not only a great honor for us, but also an opportunity to grow both personally and in esports. We will not forget our fans who have followed every game and written positive comments – their support is invaluable. We are waiting for the moment when we can lift the trophy above our heads. We would like to thank NAVI and all fans. See you on the server,” Carolina “Liina” Kaspshik said in her statement.

The current line-up of the NAVI Javelins

Last but not least, of course, we don’t want to forget about the current line-up of the NAVI Javelins. The team will compete on the road to Dallas with the following line-up:

  • Carolina “Liina” Kaspshik
  • Victoria “vicu” Yanitska
  • Angelika “Angelka” Kozlovskaya
  • Chania “Hanka” Pudlis
  • Danuta “Danuu” Graykovskaya
  • David “Zefir” Seifert (Coach)