IEM Rio Major – Heroic Destroys Fnatic, Outsiders Outplay NiP

After destroying #Fnatic 16-2 on Mirage, #Heroic joined the 2-0 pool of teams as the second round of Legends Stage matchups concluded in #Rio. The #DanishSquad promptly achieved a win to secure a place in the qualification matches going into day two, leaving William #mezii Merriman’s team with little chance to enter the battle.

Hampus #hampus Poser and the rest of the #NinjasinPyjamas team were eliminated to the extremely risky 0-2 pool by Dzhami #Jame Ali’s #Outsiders, who overcame an 8-11 deficit to defeat Mirage 16-12.

Heroic vs Fnatic

John #stavn Martin To give the Danish squad early control, Lund quickly took over for Heroic on Mirage by tapping down four fnatic players in the opening pistol. Heroic didn’t relent and soon turned that momentum into an early round rampage, keeping the European team from bombsites round after round on their way to a 10-0 advantage.

At that point, fnatic eventually placed a round on the board, but just as it seemed like they may pick up speed, René #TeSeS By securing a triple kill and winning a 1v2 clutch, Madsen dashed those dreams and contributed to his team’s 13-2 halftime advantage.

Heroic easily won the second pistol round, and it only took them two rounds from that point to finish things off, 16-2, and advance themselves into the 2-0 pool of the Legends Stage, denying fnatic any chance to retake the map in the second half.

Outsiders vs NiP

The Outsiders vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas match at the Mirage had a more disputed outcome, with Ludvig #Brollan Brolin starting things off for his team with a triple kill to win the opening pistol round. From then, though, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ performance on the map wasn’t particularly noteworthy, as they missed out on several good opportunities as Outsiders grew their lead to 8-3 on the T side.

The majority-Swedish team didn’t stabilize until the very end of the half, when the deficit was down to just one round. Fredrik #REZ Sterner’s AWP closed out a couple of critical late-round scenarios to keep the score close.

In the second pistol round, as Jame tried to clutch a 1vs4, Brollan stopped him. This victory allowed Ninjas in Pyjamas to seize the lead and go on to win 11-8.

After that, however, Aleksi #Aleksib Virolainen’s team was unable to mount much of an assault; instead, Jame, Petr #fame Bolyshev, and David #n0rb3r7 Danielyan worked together to thwart a few attempts to attack bombsites, aiding Outsiders in regaining control, and eventually winning the game 16–12.

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