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How to Remove and Bypass Competitive Cooldown in CS:GO (March 2020)

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5 tricks to win at Counter Strike (almost) without hacks

You get into CS:GO and not a minute later you’re already losing? We understand, the level of play is extremely high. So here’s how to win at Counter Strike without using hacks… or almost without using hacks.

Looking for hacks for Counter Strike: Global Offensive – shame on you! CS:GO has a very dedicated community of players who don’t tolerate cheating.
However, we understand the frustration. No one lasts more than a few seconds in their first few games of CS:GO. Indeed, there are opponents that seem to be from another planet.
So, here are some tips that will allow you to win a game of Counter Strike without hacks – or at least not the illegal ones.

What happens if I use hacks in Counter Strike?

Cheats are the worst thing for any online multiplayer game, be it CS:GO or any other. In fact, Fall Guys, the battle royale of the moment, had serious problems due to a plague of cheaters that ruined dozens of games.
Imagine playing against someone who can see through walls, or aim and fire their gun automatically – what a waste of time!
That’s why Valve, the company behind Counter Strike, penalises all kinds of hacks.
However, here we will tell you about the legal hacks that you can activate from the console. These are the famous “cheat” commands, which the developers of the game left for us to have a lot of fun without harming anyone.
By default, these cheats are blocked in Competitive mode and you can only use them in matches against bots or private matches. And if they happen to work in a multiplayer game, you risk being banned by Valve for cheating.

Tips to win in CS:GO

It may seem like a simple game. However, the Counter Strike dynasty is many years old, so old that those of us who are older remember going to play it in internet cafes.
We may have new wrinkles, but Counter Strike remains essentially the same. What has changed is that the level of play has improved exponentially.
So much practice has led many to play CS:GO, the fourth and latest instalment of Counter Strike, as if it were a game of chess. And the strategy really works for them.
Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind in order to win. If you read all the way to the end, you’ll be rewarded, because we’ll tell you how you can improve your game through legal Counter Strike hacks.

Move smart

Even in a space as small as a boxing ring, you have to know how to move correctly. There are no better tricks in Counter Strike than those related to the way you move.
First of all, be fast. CS:GO rewards speed, because every second you stand still you can be in the crosshairs of the opposing team.
At first you may stop to change weapons or look at the map. Try to correct this mistake as soon as possible.
On the other hand, don’t wander away from the group. In horror movies, the character who is left alone usually doesn’t make it to the credits alive. It’s the same in CS:GO.
Finally, take cover. As you get to know the maps, you’ll see that there are some obstacles that, if you use your wits, you can use to your advantage.

Use the map

So far, as promised, no hacks for Counter Strike. The second tip we’ll give you is to use the map.
There are thousands of games that have a map, and it’s for one reason only: it’s very useful. Knowing how to use it can greatly improve your game.
By looking at the map, you’ll know your team’s movements; you’ll know which areas of the map are unprotected; and you’ll even know where there is suspicious activity.
How should you look at the Counter Strike map? Like a car’s rear-view mirror. Quick, frequent glances that don’t distract you, but allow you to keep a mental outline of everything around you.

Learn to shoot

Of course, CS:GO is a shooting game. In fact, several illegal Counter Strike hacks are designed to improve this aspect of the game.
So to win, you need to have great aim. Leave the “cuchi” to the boastful.
How to shoot better in CS:GO? There are a few tips that can help you:
Shoot short bursts: Not only will you save ammunition and be able to reload less. It will also increase accuracy, especially for medium and long range shots.
Aim a little lower: All guns have some recoil. This is a way to compensate for it.
Shoot as much as you need to: The noise of the shots will give away your position. Remember that the element of surprise is very important.

Meet the weapons

Everyone has a favourite weapon. That depends on what your play style is, and which one you feel most comfortable with.
One of the keys to CS:GO is knowing when to use a weapon type, and when not to. For wide open spaces, a telescopic sight will be perfect. But in a confined space… not so much.
Ideally, though, you should be able to use all types of weapons with ease. Have one as your favourite, we allow it, but don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to have a fuller range of play.
Finally, learn how to use explosives. Beginner gamers tend to forget about grenades, while intermediate gamers overuse them.
On the other hand, professional gamers use grenades as much as they need to. They also throw them exactly where they are aimed, so practice your trajectories!

Use legal Counter Strike hacks

In Counter Strike there are good hacks and bad hacks. Bad hacks are those that players use to cheat in multiplayer games.
As we said, Valve can block your account if they find you using one. So don’t risk it.
However, there are also hacks that are activated from the console. These are legal cheats in Counter Strike, as long as you use them in games against bots or privately.
We refer to the famous “cheat” commands. You can certainly improve in CS:GO by using these cheats to practice the weak points of your game.

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