CSGO – TeSeS Stays Home, While Thomas Becomes Free Agent

It was Thomas #Thomas Utting who revealed on Twitter that he had left #TeamCowana and was now a free agent. After playing for four different squads during the year, the 24-year-old has ended his contract with the German organization, citing “unforeseen circumstances,” and is once again without a team.

Meanwhile, René #TeSeS Madsen, a young rifler, has extended his contract with Heroic for a further two years, the company announced via Twitter. The announcement was made soon before Heroic and FaZe were set to face off in the BLAST Premier Fall Final final.

Thomas Roaming Free

The decision ends a month-long collaboration between Thomas and his group that was planned to last until 2023. Cowana have changed their roster five times so far this year. Most recently, they fired Kevin #kRYSTAL Amend and Kevin #HS Tarn, with the latter leaving the team with unpaid wages.

Timo #Spiidi Richter and Thomas joined the team in October, while Mariusz #Loord Along with the team’s coach, Cybulski was also hired at the same time. The roster adjustments were intended to be temporary, with the possibility of becoming permanent if the partnership was successful. However, cowana was not successful and did not feature on HLTV during this time.

Thomas originally gained notoriety on Endpoint, which he represented in three distinct capacities beginning in 2017. In addition, he participated for a generally unsuccessful Envy squad in 2020. In 2022, he has had trouble settling down and has played for Endpoint, Coalesce, Into the Breach, and cowana.

The British rifler has said that he is open to working on any projects in Australia, Europe, or North America, and that anyone who is interested can get in touch with him via Twitter.

Heroic Keeping Their Talent

TeSeS is not the only Heroic member to have just renewed his contract; two-year extensions for Casper #cadiaN Mller and Martin #stavn Lund were just made public last month. The team’s main members are currently committed till 2024.

Heroic has been putting their faith in their current core for a while now; TeSeS has been a part of the team for two and a half years, and stavn and cadiaN have been for almost four.

Rasmus #sjuush Beck, the sole long-standing member whose contract hasn’t been extended, arrived in early 2021, but unfortunately, he will have to look for playing time in another team, because he obviously did not fit into the concept that Heroic designed for the next season.

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