CSGO – Teams ECSTATIC & Falcons Making Roster Changes

#Falcons, a Saudi Arabian #esports team, have added Kenny #kennyS Schrub to their #CS:GO roster. Bryan #Maka Canda was replaced by the seasoned Frenchman after the club decided to bench the AWPer after their failure to qualify for the #IEMRioMajor2022.

Meanwhile, Jason #salazar Salazar, a former member of the #AtlanticAWPers, has joined #ECSTATIC as a replacement for Benjamin #brzer Jensen, who was relegated to the bench on Wednesday.

KennyS – From G2 to Falcons

Earlier on Tuesday, G2 confirmed kennyS’ resignation, capping off a nearly six-year career with the company that saw him win three LAN championships and place second several times.

One of the most seasoned players in the French CS:GO community, the 27-year-old hasn’t played regularly since joining G2’s inactive roster 18 months ago. The last time kennyS engaged in combat on the server was at IEM Winter 2022, when he took Nemanja #nexa Isakovi’s spot in the starting lineup as a result of the in-game leader’s inability to travel due to visa concerns.

“I believe I deserve one final opportunity to end my career in a way other than sitting on the sidelines. I’m happy I have the chance to approach things differently. Amazingly wonderful to be back. According to kennyS in an interview with Dexerto, “I’m incredibly thrilled.

The player also discussed his difficulties playing for French teams, saying that his choice to return to his home scene was greatly influenced by his reunion with Nathan #NBK Schmitt: “Maybe it’s because I have a pretty large ego. The competitive attitude I possess may not be to their taste. I can understand why they frequently favor quieter players. One person who has always regarded me as a player is NBK. I’m certain he still does.”

The AWPer talked about his primary objective for the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023: “I’ve competed in so many Majors that it was already difficult for me to skip the Rio Major. I really want to at least try to be eligible for the BLAST Major. The Paris Major is unquestionably my main goal, and I’ll work hard to get it.”

The ECSTATIC Situation

Dust2.dk, the organization in charge of the Danish POWER League in which Salazar is ranked tenth among players, was the first to make mention of the probable arrival. Antonio Vlaisavljevic, the team’s director, stated that Atlantic will continue to deploy the AWPer for their remaining games in this league season while looking for a replacement.

ECSTATIC’s roster is now complete as they compete in the ESL Challenger League Season 43 Europe after losing to Entropiq in the first round. With salazar on board, the Danish team will hope to perform better in the league and rebound in the lower bracket. The 18-year-old’s 1.11 average rating over the last three months appears to be a direct improvement over brzer’s 0.92.

Salazar, in our opinion, is the ideal fit for our team, said ECSTATIC COO Jeppe Taggatz Jensen in a statement. “We think he has enormous potential as a player, so we are naturally thrilled to have him on the squad. Salazar’s motivation is through the sky, and we can immediately see that he is prepared to give everything he has to become a great player. This is precisely what we need.”

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