CSGO – Konfig No Longer Part of Astralis

Following the injury, which Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke has since acknowledged was caused by a fight in Malta, the player and organization mutually decided to part ways.

According to the company, Astralis and k0nfig have decided to end the player’s contract due to “personal reasons.”

The decision was made shortly after the Danish team’s unsuccessful exit from the European Regional Major Ranking competition, where they competed without k0nfig because of a complicated ankle fracture, which prevented them from attending a Major for the first time since they began competing in CS:GO in 2016.

What really happened?

Several stories from Jaxon focused on the circumstances of the injury, alleging that k0nfig got into a fight with a bar representative in Malta while the team was staying there after their ESL Pro League Season 16 campaign.

The 25-year-old has opened up about the event in a lengthy, emotional Twitlonger post to offer his side of the tale for the first time after declaring the reports are “largely BS.”

In it, k0nfig alleges that a promoter of a nightclub became “aggressive” with him, spit in his face, and kicked him. In response, the promoter allegedly fractured the Astralis rifler’s leg and repeatedly kicked him in the head during a battle with k0nfig, who then chased after the promoter when he was later seen by him.

In the second incident, the 25-year-old expressed sorrow for angrily approaching the promoter, adding, “No one else is responsible for where I am now but me.”

Before discussing his future, k0nfig continued to provide additional details regarding his physical condition, noting that he has already had two procedures to fix the difficult fracture.

“Thoughts have been on my mind the entire time I have been in the hospital. Is it time to put a stop to my career now? Is this the end for me? But for me, this is far from the end. Now I’m going to battle with myself. I’m not leaving, f**k you “said k0nfig.

“I’ll turn this setback into an advantage. I am not like this. I never quit. I’ll take the necessary steps to develop into the god-tier counterstrike player I know I can be. During this period, I will work on the tasks that need to be completed. I’ll do all of my might to return. Even though my mental health may have suffered, it won’t ruin me. I’ll use this period of time to rest and recharge. I recognize that this is the most difficult time of my life.”

Uncertainty lingers around Astralis’ lineup’s future. The organization has announced that Mikkel “MistR” Thomsen, who filled in for k0nfig at the IEM Rio Major qualification in Malta, will step in once more for the team during their campaign at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown (October 19–23).

Jaxon has lately connected the Danish superpower to the potential comeback of Nicolai “device” Reedtz, who has been sitting on Ninjas in Pyjamas’ bench for for a year and initially claimed mental health reasons as the justification for leaving.

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