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All SSG 08 Skins Showcase + Prices – CS:GO

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The best cheapest CS GO skins for less than 20 euros

We all, or at least most of us CS:GO players, like to wear nice skins to show off our favorite weapons in front of our friends or our game partners.

However, the market price of these particular skins for our weaponry can sometimes get out of hand so, from Vandal Sports, we have decided to put together a kind of guide to help you, whether you are new or if you already have a good handful of hours in CS:GO, to renew or complete your weapons inventory in Valve’s FPS.

To do this, we have been rummaging in the community market to get a total of 17 skins for what we consider to be a good part of the most popular weapons in the game (we know that some are missing) spending a total of just under 20 euros.

Obviously, the choice is a completely personal criterion of the writer so if you think you would change any of the skins or would prefer to opt for any other just tell us in the comments.

Keep in mind, also, that the prices that we indicate you are those that the skins have at the moment in which we write this text and that it could vary as the hours or days go by.

By the way, one last note, we have decided to focus on skins ranging from “quality” newly manufactured to somewhat worn, believing that less than the latter “affects” too much the skin in question, although some severe wear suits them like a glove.

We start with the USP, the initial weapon preferred by almost all anti-terrorists, baptized by many as the handheld AWP due to its tremendous accuracy at long distances being lethal also against all those who do not have a helmet.

The P2000 is a somewhat less common basic choice but still very interesting for TCs, gaining with this pistol more firepower than with the USP at short distances, but losing that advantage at medium or long distances.

Glock is the initial travel companion of all terrorists. A very useful pistol at short distances that is very effective even if we are on the move and incorporates a burst mode that can be lethal if we know how to use it.

On a personal level, one of my favorite weapons for almost any occasion, with a huge destructive power at short distances that make it an ideal choice for echo rounds especially if we are going to go places with short distances.

The repeater pistol, a weapon that was totally broken in the first months of CS:GO’s life and that almost disappeared from the competitive scene until last year, when we started to see it again more and more frequently among professional players who are able to turn it into a killing machine, even more so, of course.

We now find ourselves with one of the pistols that, to this day, gives more advantage in the game, the TEC-9, the “pipe”, along with the Desert Eagle, which can make the most difference in CS:GO and that everything seems to indicate (if Valve listens to the community) that will be nerfed very soon to not favor the terrorist side so much.

The Five-Seven is the “replica” of the CT side to the terrorist TEC-9. A weapon that I personally don’t like, but that has proven to be really useful in echo rounds due to its firepower and great mobility.

To finish with the guns we have decided to bring you a skin for the Desert Eagle, one of the trendy weapons in CS:GO and one of the most powerful guns, historically, of Valve’s saga, with an extraordinary firepower that allows us to eliminate an enemy with a headshot (even if he has a helmet) from almost any distance.

To this day, and despite the nerf it suffered a few days ago, the UMP-45 is still one of the most used weapons in the game and by far the best machine gun of our choice right now. Such is its power that it is not uncommon to see it more regularly than rifles like the FAMAS or the Galil.

The Bizon machine gun right now is in disuse, but until not so long ago it was one of the most chosen weapons especially by low-ranking players. Its damage has never been too high but its rate of fire was such that it has been quite a fearsome weapon for a long time.

The SSG 08 Ghost Crusader, better known as “scout” or “duck killer” is a sniper rifle with a relatively “low” damage but really destructive for players who know how to take advantage of the weapon’s mobility and who are able to hit right in their opponent’s head taking advantage of the maximum height when we make a jump.

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