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CS:GO – kennyS – Best AWP Ace ever?!

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KennyS is the player with the most AWP kills in history.

When talking about AWP in Counter Strike we can’t avoid thinking or mentioning Kenny Schrub better known as “KennyS”. The French awper has been dazzling us since 2012 with great plays with the sniper rifle.

Pre-fires, no-scopes, jump-shots and wallbangs are some of the magnificent plays that KennyS has accustomed us to with the AWP no matter in the team where he is. Almost 10 years of career in Counter Strike were enough for the Frenchman to become the player with more kills with AWP in the history of CSGO.

According to HLTV’s statistics section, KennyS has 19,330 kills with the sniper rifle on his counter. Rounding out the podium are Florian “syrsoN” Rische, the German awper from BIG Clan with 17,678 kills; and Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács from the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere with 16,914 kills with AWP. A big gap between the first (KennyS) and second place (syrsoN) casualties, a total of 1,652 frags difference leads the Frenchman to the German awper.

KennyS’ numbers

The 26-year-old awper has more than 37 thousand kills in his career, 37,067 to be exact. Of which as mentioned above 19,330 are kills with the AWP, 52.06%. This means that KennyS has more than half of the kills in his career are with the sniper rifle.

As the second “preferred” weapon, the AK47, the most used rifle in the game, falls to the second place of KennyS’s preferences, in total he got more than 4,500 frags with this weapon.

The Frenchman also has a 1.13 Rating throughout his career. This translates into very positive statistics over the last 10 years, a consistency that few can achieve at the highest levels of competition. In fact, three are the teams against which KennyS has an average below 1.0, they are:

OG – 0.98 on 17 maps
MIBR – 0.96 on 15 maps
FURIA – 0.95 on 16 maps

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