CSGO IEM Rio – Fnatic’s Run Ended by the Outsiders

The group under Dzhami #Jame In the semi-finals of the #IEMRioMajor, Ali defeated #Fnatic with a commanding performance, winning 16-11 on Inferno and 16-8 on Mirage. #Outsiders easily defeated their opponents thanks to Evgenii #FL1T Lebedev’s 1.41 server rating.

Following the conclusion of this quarterfinal, Outsiders will now await the outcome of the semifinal match between #MOUZ and #Cloud9. It was a brief experience for fnatic, who were playing in their first Major playoffs since 2018, since they were unable to demonstrate a good T-side performance on either map.

The Match Recap

On Inferno, Outsiders dominated from away, winning the pistol round thanks to three kills from Petr #famous Bolyshev. The Russians suffered a modest setback by failing to capitalize on their early advantage; in the third round, they allowed fnatic to enter B site, giving up one kill before saving but allowing their opponents to take control of the match.

William #mezii Merriman’s 1vs2 clutch saved fnatic from losing their chance at a competitive match, but renown continued to be Outsiders’ savior as he won a 1v1 and gave his team a 5-4 advantage. They continued to press forward and ended the first half with a 10-5 score.

Outsiders totally dominated fnatic in the first half, but as the second game started, everything changed. The European side prevailed in a decisive pistol round of their own and kept up their CT side’s domination with a 2vs2 victory. They continued to win the following five consecutive rounds to tie the score at 10 apiece.

Despite the Russian’s weak T-side start, fnatic lost their composure when the game was tied and allowed Outsiders to grab the lead, 14-10. Outsiders’ notoriously slow-moving T side proved to be too much for fnatic to handle, and fame’s 23 kills helped his team win 16-11.

Second Map – Mirage

Fnatic covered the pistol with a 3vs3 win in Mirage, giving the impression that they would put up a fair fight on their CT side. They came close to winning the first round, but an Outsiders 1vs2 sparked a six-round rampage that dismantled their adversaries’ defense. Fnatic stayed in the game in the first half thanks to Fredrik #roeJ Jrgensen and Freddy #KRIMZ Johansson, who brought the score back to 6-5.

However, the rounds they won were close, and Outsiders were right behind them. The Outsiders retook control of the game with a four-game winning streak of their own, losing just the final round of the half to make the score 9-6 in their favor. Fnatic’s run was not enough to keep them in the game.

Despite earning a force buy to make the score 10-7, fnatic struggled in the early going of the second half, in contrast to Inferno. Despite losing a 1v1 and a 1v2 in quick succession, they made the rounds close, but fnatic was unable to win any of them. Only two CT rounds were given up as FL1T and David #n0rb3r7 Danielyan shut down fnatic’s attacks to win the match 16-8 with a combined 41 kills.

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