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CS:GO – GOD allu

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What is CS:GO and how to learn to play it?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter strategy video game developed by the American company Valve Corporation.

The Global Offensive version expanded the team-based action game it pioneered when it came out more than 20 years ago. For the past 12 years it remained one of the most played titles in the world and occupied a leading role in competitive tournaments. In addition, it sold more than 25 million copies of the franchise worldwide. Nowadays, with so much competition, it is one of the esports that distributes the most money in prizes and also remains relevant as on the first day. Last year it ranked second behind Dota 2 and distributed more than 115 million dollars.

The first thing to know about CS:GO is that the matchmaking mode is played five against five to the best of 30 rounds: 15 on the anti-terrorist or “ct” side and 15 on the terrorist or “tt” side. The winner is the one who reaches 16 rounds won. The game consists of eliminating all five opponents before time runs out. The other way to win the round is to “plant” the C4 or bomb. Each map has two bases (A and B) in which the explosive can be placed by the Tt. Once activated, they must protect it so that they do not “defuse” it. If it explodes, the point will be for the terrorists. On the other hand, if they manage to deactivate it, the round will be for the tt.

The game is played in first person. Each user only sees the hands of his protagonist, who has a knife and a gun. At the beginning of each round, and depending on the amount of money saved, you can buy a main weapon (shotgun, machine gun or sniper rifle), bulletproof vest and grenades. In addition to having a good “aim”, that is, the ability to aim and shoot accurately, what is essential is the strategy adopted by each team to advance on the map and eliminate the opponent. Or to cover the “site” where the bomb is planted. On the other hand, communication within the team is also essential to let you know where the opponent is and to have an advantage on the map. You can talk “ingame” or through an app like Discord to play and be connected at the same time.

The video game has a differentiation of ranks, level of each player, according to experience and performance within the game. It also has different modes, such as matchmaking, casual, arms races, deathmatch, among others; but most players worldwide focus on matchmaking to acquire a rank. Competitive mode has gained more and more interest. New CS:GO players will be able to play in any mode, servers and maps, but they will not receive experience or rank levels, since they are exclusive for Prime players. It should be clarified that once the player’s level is defined, he/she can go up or down according to his/her performance in each game. The score is calculated per round and not per match. The best player or MVP receives more points than the other four players.

The game is priced at 1381.99 pesos plus tax on the Steam platform. That is the way when they are looking for a game to match them with their rivals and avoid playing with hackers. It also gives them the possibility of being able to receive commemorative items, such as exclusive weapons or boxes with gloves.

Regarding the main Counter Strike tournaments, worldwide, we must mention the Major Championships, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), ESL Pro League, DreamHack and Blast Premier. On the other hand, the outstanding teams from Argentina are: 9z Team, Isurus Gaming, Furious Gaming, Leviatán, Coscu Army and Boca Juniors Gaming. And among the Argentine players with the best performance are: Santino Try Rigal, who went from 9z to 00Nation from Brazil and was elected the second best player in the world, Ignacio Meyern Meyer from Leviatán, Jonathan Jony Boy Muñoz, who ended his contract with Furious and Luca Luken Nadotti, who returned to La Violeta after Try’s departure from the team.

You can learn more about the main CS:GO news in “Post Match”, one of PEEK Latam’s programs, where news and changes in the competitive world are analyzed.

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