CSGO – Gade Ends His Playing Career, Won’t Return To CSGO

Nicklas #gade Gade has officialy informed the public about his departure from Counter-Strike, saying that he will soon begin a “new profession in a whole new setting” and that this is the right time for his “leave from the CS industry.”

The Danish rifler departs CSGO after more than six years of competition, during which he was a representative of illustrious squads like OpTic, North, and BIG.

Gade’s Journey

Gade joined OpTic on loan from North Academy in 2017, where he worked alongside some of the best players from Denmark, including Kristian #k0nfig Wienecke and Marco #Snappi Pfeiffer. This was Gade’s first significant break in the Counter-Strike industry.

During his six-month stint with the team, the Dane posted a 1.00 rating, and the Danish Team reached its pinnacle when they qualified for the Challengers Stage of the FACEIT London Major.

Having previously been a member of North’s academy roster, gade made his way back to the Danish organization for the following two and a half years as the next step in his career. While playing for F.C. Copenhagen’s esports team, the Danish rifler won two LAN tournaments, taking first place at DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 and GG.BET Ice Challenge 2019.

These accomplishments allowed the Danish Team to twice finish inside the top 10, reaching its highest position of No. 7 in the world rankings in February 2019.

When did things start to go south?

Gade made a brief attempt to remain with his teammates after the North organization disintegrated. He played for four months under the HYENAS name while looking for funding.

This support, however, was never realized due to the roster’s dissolution, and in order to replace the departing Ismailcan #XANTARES Dörtkardeş, gade was eventually signed by BIG in late July 2021.

With Johannes #tabseN Wodarz and colleagues, the Dane, who made his proficiency in German known in public, found it difficult to settle in and was benched in December 2021 after just 76 maps played and a meager 0.96 rating.

Gade retired from Counter-Strike after that and never made a comeback to professional tournaments. His four-month stay on BIG was his final time playing on the server in an official sense. After eight months on the bench, the Danish Player and the German organization finally split up in August, citing a “common agreement” to end the 28-year-old’s contract.

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