CSGO – Blast Premier Fall Final Has One More Participant – Team Fluxo

After defeating MIBR in the championship match, Fluxo won the BLAST Premier Fall North America Showdown. This victory earned them a spot in the $425,000 event’s Fall Final in Copenhagen at the end of November.

Fluxo has made a remarkable comeback with this qualification after almost missing out on the Americas RMR and struggling in their first LAN game at ESL Challenger Rotterdam.

The Brazilian squad will be able to focus entirely on getting ready for the competition because they won’t have a Major to look forward to but have instead assured themselves the chance to play some of the best teams toward the end of the year.

The Quick Recap

Lucas #⁠Lucaozy⁠’s progress through the single-elimination bracket was highlighted by Neves’ efforts; the 21-year-old finished the competition as the highest-rated player with a rating of 1.26 and shown excellent effect notably on the T side.

He contributed to his team taking an early lead over Dust2 in the decisive series by leading his team back from a 0-3 deficit with a run of five rounds. With a few of their own rounds, MIBR remained competitive in the first half, but Fluxo narrowly held an 8-7 advantage at the break and extended it with a pistol victory in the second.

MIBR retaliated with a force-buy and even briefly gained the lead, but Fluxo quickly regained control with solid defending, leading to a 16-12 victory.

Vertigo didn’t have much to brag about because MIBR controlled the majority of the map after an initial back-and-forth swapping of forcebuys that gave them control on the T side.

Henrique “⁠HEN1⁠” Throughout MIBR’s assault on the map, Teles was a particularly intimidating force, helping the team to a 12-3 lead at the half before rapidly pushing things over the top and winning the map 16-5.

Fluxo started off stronger than Nuke, going up 4-0, but were left lacking for the majority of the second half as MIBR stabilized on the CT side. The balance of the map changed again as Lucaozy and company went on the defensive, though, and the teenage rifler worked in tandem with Vinicius “vsm” Moreira to help his team secure a 16-13 victory to win the series.

The Conclusion

Considering that Fluxo has only been around for a few months, this win is a huge success for the team’s further development. It will be interesting to see if this young squad is able to quickly adapt to playing on the big stage, and if they can possibly make another great run.

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