CSGO – Big Roster Changes For Teams 9Z & Natus Vincere

Viktor #sdy Orudzhev and Natus Vincere have officialy declared their separation. After a seven-month trial period, during which NAVI won the BLAST Premier Spring Final and the 25-year-old finished in fifth or sixth place at the BLAST Premier World Final, the player quits the squad.

Meanwhile, according to a report from multiple esports media sources, 00NATION and 9z have agreed to exchange Lucas #nqz Soares and try on their respective rosters.

Despite nqz being mentioned in connection with a transfer to Fluxo together with Wilton #zews Prado in recent days, the deal is said to have been reached after both players stated their desire to join their new teams.

Natus Vincere Situation

In the most recent competition, npl, a former NAVI Junior player who made a lackluster debut in Abu Dhabi, split a spot on the roster with sdy. npl is now a permanent part of the main team. At the World Final, the 17-year-old played one map from each of NAVI’s three sets versus Vitality, Heroic, and Liquid, scoring an average of 0.67.

At the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, which have not yet been formally announced but are anticipated to take place in the final two weeks of January, #npl is anticipated to make his official debut as a full-status member. After the Play-in stage of IEM Katowice concludes on February 2, Natus Vincere will subsequently participate in the group stage of the competition.

In a message posted on Twitter, #sdy thanked Natus Vincere for their successes, which included winning the Spring Final, placing second at IEM Cologne, and making it to the playoffs at both the IEM Rio Major and the ESL pro League Season 16 tournaments.

“I never would have believed how much I could learn both inside and outside of the game. I now comprehend how things should operate and have a clear picture of how to build a wonderful team “said #sdy.

9Z Switching Things Up

After six months with the Argentinian team, where he averaged a rating of 1.19 and advanced to the IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage, nqz has left.

Try, on the other hand, will join his old squad once more after spending the full year playing for 00NATION.

He came up as one of the most dependable players on the lineup with a 1.13 rating despite the Brazilian team struggling at the majority of the competitions they took part in.

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