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15 Tips for Counter Strike: GO

1. Don’t get separated from the group:

This is a decisive factor in individual and collective survival. If you stick together with your team, you can cover your friends and attack your enemies from different angles. From every strategic point of view it is the key factor for survival.

2. Move very fast and in groups:

In CS:GO, you must move fast, but you must also move in sync with your teammates. You know that speed and movement are two of the defining qualities of the game and are its main feature. Even when shooting, move left and right quickly to avoid being hit by enemy bullets.

3. Move forward while taking cover with objects on the stage:

You must learn to move fast and avoid obstacles. You will find hundreds of objects of different sizes in the different stages. If you know how to take advantage of them, you will see that they stop being obstacles and become shields to protect you from enemy bullets.

4. You must be the first to shoot:

Once you have located the enemy it is important that you shoot as quickly as possible. You must surprise them and not give them a chance to aim. So stay alert and move with your weapon at the ready.

5. Improve the accuracy of your shots with short bursts:

This is a trick that saves you ammunition and allows you to be more effective, since firing several times and with few shots allows you to reach the enemy from a distance and save your ammunition. You know that the time we spend changing magazines makes us an easy target.

6. Aim a little lower and you will hit the target:

You must learn to control the recoil of your weapon to increase the accuracy of your shots. If the gun goes upwards when you fire, you must learn to aim lower and you will hit the target many more times. If your enemy crouches down, it is very likely that you will hit him directly in the head.

7. Learn to look at the map:

We know it’s hard to play looking at the screen and the locator at the same time, but if you learn to read the map simultaneously you will have a great advantage over your opponents. It is key that you learn to interpret the movements on the radar, to know if you can advance over an area or not and to know the size and characteristics of the battlefield. The map will help you to know your team’s joint movement and the position of your enemies and whether they have positioned themselves in front of you or behind you. This is essential to calculate where and how to intercept them according to their movements.

8. Move silently:

If you fire fewer shots, you will be able to move forward without giving away your position to the enemy. This will give you an advantage over them, because you can attack by surprise. As a team, a silent group tactic helps to boost the surprise factor in attacks.

9. Listen carefully to sounds:

Sound is a key factor in this strategy game. If you learn to differentiate the noises your enemies make, your team will be able to spot them and attack them by surprise.

10. Cover and crouch:

You can gain a lot of accuracy in your shooting by shooting from a crouch. This way you can aim better and at the same time reduce the area of impact in front of your enemies.

11. Learn to combine weapons:

One of the keys to the game is to know how to combine different weapons, depending on the time and place. For example, long-range rifles allow you to open fire in open spaces, with telescopic sights you can surprise and hit distant targets, but for short distances and confined spaces, it is better to use pistols, as these are more accurate weapons and easier to handle in confined spaces.

12. Achieve objectives every mission:

You must create with your team game strategies adapted to each specific mission, such as: demolition, deactivation, hostage recovery, etc.; bearing in mind that in each of them you have to develop collective actions that allow you to achieve them in the shortest possible time.

13. Use of explosives and grenades:

They are very effective when it comes to causing damage in the opposing ranks, but at the moment of preparing or throwing them you are unprotected, as your hands are occupied and you cannot hold your weapon. It is vital that your teammates cover you while you are programming a bomb or throwing a grenade. It is advisable to use explosives as a group strategy, but do so in a coordinated manner so as not to cause casualties among your friends.

14. Don’t be a camper:

Standing still in one place breaks the group strategy and isolates you, making you an easy target for enemies. Aside from that, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as in any other FPS, it is frowned upon to camper.

15. Stealth and mobility:

If all your teammates die and you are alone, all is not lost, here you must develop your strategy of stealth, precision and mobility. You will have to move quietly and use a weapon with a silencer and shoot from afar. You must shoot and kill each of your enemies with as little noise as possible and when you succeed, change zones, as your shots will alert the other enemies who will come looking for you. Fighting alone is the hardest challenge, but if you succeed, you will be a hero.


[For the Scripters] Guys, after fiddling around alot, I've come to the conclusion, that using a delay of 4ms is the most consistent one (it's my opinion but I want you to try). It works extremely well on 64 tick and slightly better on 128 tick. I've made a test with it where I bhoped 8 times in a row, 20 times. The average perfect hit percentage was 82% (rounded). So it's pretty consistent compared to a delay of 1 for example (calculated average for a delay of 1 was 48% rounded). Give it a try guys 😉

Bruh I just training myself to bhop good and I'm good bhoper without any scripts or hacks and using scrolling jump command sometimes but more I use space button on bhop

Am I good if I use space more to bhop?

Scripting and Hacking is the same, it’s just that Hacking is injecting the Script into the game, acting like an injected DLL.

What people so-called “Scripting” is just Macros. Macros is something that you enable to click, and press any button as fast as you want. It only works on branded mouses such as Razer, Logitech, etc.

Hacking is Scripting but the script is injected to the game by injecting a cheat application or a DLL script, modifying the game/application files.

And Scripting is basically just modifying game files or modifying application files.

its possibile to not hit hops with a jump macro because of the server. you hit a hop only if in the same tick that you touch the ground you jump. if is 128tick is more likley to hit a hop than on 60 tick.

Edit: im a 12 yo boy that wants to get into developing hacks for csgo

I've been doing it with the space bar. I hit 3 or 4 in a row once. Unfortunately my scroll wheel is broken, so I can't use that. I used to use the scroll wheel though. I'm looking into scripting because it's about as effective as the scroll wheel. Yeah, it's kind of shitty, but I don't consider it cheating. Same thing with jump throw binds, though I've never even thought about using those

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