CSGO Event PGL Major Antwerp All Set To Begin

The first day of PGL Major Antwerp is approaching, and we are again set in for an amazing week of CS:GO shootouts. Now that the schedule and the first pairs have been announced, all there’s left for us to do is sit back and wait for the spectacle to start.

On May 9th, sixteen teams will clash against each other in pursuit of qualifying for the next round, but only eight spots will be available for grabs. The ones who manage to advance will face another eight teams who paved their way through Major Regional Qualifiers.

Today we are presenting you with a simple overview of the tournament. In case you haven’t cleared your schedule, make sure to do so, because everything is indicating that PGL Major Antwerp will give us plenty of reasons to talk about it for weeks!

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PGL Major Antwerp – The First Stage Matchups

We are in for a real treat at the very beginning of the tournament, as some big names will be going toe to toe – G2 faces Team Liquid, while Vitality and Complexity are going to be one of the biggest rivalries of the first round.

Giants like Astralis, ENCE, and MIBR seemed to have some luck with the draw, but although they’re big favorites, their job will not be easy at all considering the latest form of their opponents. In fact, 9z, Outsiders and IHC have nothing to lose against the highly favored contenders, so there’s a high probability they’ll try every trick they have inside their sleeves, which means we’ll be getting blast matchups.

One of the underrated matchups of the first stage is definitely the Bad News Eagles versus Team Eternal Fire because both of them have had spectacular runs recently and they are not gun shy when it comes to throwing it down.

Down below is the table of all the matchups, so in case you will be following the event, feel free to try your chances by betting on your favorite team:

Group A

G2 Esports LIQUID

Group B


The Rosters Overview

There were no big surprises when it came to roster confirmation for this event. All of the teams are coming ready and healthy, with some slight changes in terms of starting lineups.

Astralis decided to start “Fessor” instead of “Lucky” and give their five a boost of confidence by adding a fresh new player, hungry for proving himself that he belongs among the elites.

MIBR has also made a change, removing Breno “brnz4n” Poletto from the substitution list and switching coaches. Renato “nak” Nakano, who coached the squad at the RMR, handed over the reins to new main coach Bruno “BIT” Fukuda Lima, who’s been introduced at the beginning of April.

Regardless of which of the following teams you support, you will enjoy the matchups and the guaranteed highlights. Whatever you do, try not to miss this event since it brings out only the best of the CSGO community.