Coronavirus and Esports as a sports betting alternative

Since the beginning of the year 2020, no topic is currently occupying us more than the #CoronaVirus, also known as #COVID19. All media on the Internet, TV, newspaper and radio are currently reporting almost exclusively on the corona virus. Of course, our editorial team is also dealing with this topic.

Since we already see the Esports trend as a very important part of sports since about 2017, Esports comes into focus especially in times when various sports events are canceled. Sports betting providers live from sporting events, but if these can no longer take place, there will also no longer be a sports betting offer. Initially, the focus was increasingly on ghost matches, but this can also change quickly, for example, the Bundesliga will be suspended from the 27th match day.

The corona virus is pushing politicians to intervene and thus cancel larger events. Esports has the advantage that the games take place virtually on the Internet and can theoretically take place in isolation from anywhere in the world. The sports betting offer could be extended by Esports and thus the interest in the digital sport could be aroused.

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