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Modern Warfare 3 – Negotiator Spec Ops Mission – World Rank 28 Speed Run!

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare gets updated with new Spec Ops missions and a new game mode.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released a month ago. The new installment of the saga have had a good reception on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but from Infinity Ward is working to continue polishing the multiplayer experience that has defined both this war franchise.

That is why it is essential to continue adding content with which players are satisfied. Call of Duty Modern Warfare has received an update that brings a good amount of content and hours of gameplay.

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This new update brings several Spec Ops missions and a new game mode. Among the missions we can highlight two new Harbinger and Brimstone, while the Classic Spec Ops roster gets the Door Kick mission. In addition, a new ranking system based on the time it takes to complete the mission has been added.

In terms of game modes, Gun Game has been added. A mode that was present in Black Ops and consisted of getting kills with different weapons while avoiding being degraded with knife kills. A really dynamic and frenetic mode.

Other improvements implemented with this update are bug fixes, increased stability and the elimination of some bugs. The size of the update will vary depending on the platform, but it is estimated 20 GB on PC and 14 GB on PS4 and Xbox One.

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