Mobile Call of Duty Championship with record prize pool

If you want to place your eSports bets on Call of Duty events in the coming months, you can look forward to a top-class range of games and bets. Why? Simple. The Mobile Call of Duty Championship (World Championship) is back.

In the past few months, game owners have been more or less shrouded in silence. There was hardly any information about the plans in 2022. Partly, even speculations were spread, in which there was talk about the end of the Call of Duty Championship. But think. Exactly the opposite is the case. The mobile world championship will surpass everything that has gone before.

Championship will be played in several stages

Activision has presented its roadmap for the mobile championship. It will be played in five stages. As usual, it starts with the individual matches, which then lead into the team matches. The game starts already on March 31.

Phase 1 consists of four open qualification tournaments, which will be played on the weekends until April 24. The games will be divided into regional groups.

Each weekend, players can qualify for the next stage by playing at least 10 ranked multiplayer matches and earning a minimum of 60 points. The target seems simple at first glance, but will separate the wheat from the chaff in the first phase.

Playoffs: The decisions

In the further stages of the Mobile Call of Duty World Championship, regional playoff eliminations will be played, also online. The best teams will then finally qualify for the final – the Call of Duty Championship.

The prize money of 2 million dollars beats all records

Of course, the Call of Duty Championship is all about e-sports prestige. But the money is probably just as important for the top teams in the scene. The current announcement makes one sit up and take notice. The world championship has a total prize pool of two million US dollars.

1.7 million dollars alone should be awarded in the final round. The prize pool breaks all records. There has never been a championship Call of Duty series that has been even close to this amount of money.

Date and place for offline final still open

According to Activision’s plans, the final round will of course not take place online. The eSport organizer has announced an offline final. Regarding the general conditions, there are no exact details in the first roadmap. Neither the time nor the place of the final has been published. Activision apparently wants to keep the excitement in the community high.

Snoop Dogg – the new Call of Duty star?

Interestingly, there were some dog tags in the presentation. The voice of rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg was clearly audible. It has been speculated for quite some time that the music superstar has his sights set on an additional career as an eSports pro.

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has appeared on Call of Duty. The Ghosts variant once featured a voice pack from the rapper. Furthermore, it is known that the US American joined the FaZe e-Sport clan some time ago. So an entry into the mobile Call of Duty Championship is indeed obvious. Snoop Dogg has also been active as an eSports streamer for a few months now. You can follow the rapper’s games live online.