Call of Duty Summer – COD League, FaZe roster resigning…

Last week you read about the latest news from the Call of Duty League, and just when you thought things couldn’t get any more interesting, it turns out that the world of esports is full of unexpected twists and turns, and it’s impossible to predict what surprises may await us in just one week’s time.

Now that the Major 4 event has ended, we know the names of the finalists who will compete in the Postseason part of the COD League, and considering their quality, we can say with absolute certainty that we will experience plenty of excitement in the coming weeks.

One of the significant factors will be the news that the entire roster of Atlanta FaZe has resigned their contract with the organization, which speaks volumes about the commitment and determination of this team to embark on a quest for great things in the coming period, including a quest for the title in the COD League.

Stay tuned with us so you can learn how that may impact the outcome of the league, and how you may benefit from that as well.

The Atlanta FaZe Resign

While many Call of Duty teams typically change their rosters for a new season, it’s logical to continue their current players since they made one of the most reliable FaZe teams in the recent past.

Despite his comeback was not officially announced yet, coach Crowder has been around FaZe since the team’s franchising began and has seen significant success with the squad, which makes everyone believe he will also stay with the squad.

Before “Black Ops – Cold War” in late 2020, the FaZe roster came together right as the CDL format changed from five-vs-five to four beginning players per side. Since then, the group has triumphed in numerous championships, most recently the 2021 “CDL Championship” after the previous campaign.

The fact that the entire roster chose to remain together shows how strong the team chemistry is, which can be decisive in the moments when matches are on the line.

Consistency is something that esports organizations cannot solve only with money and bringing in big names, and Atlanta FaZe is a team that has exactly that, which makes them one of the favorites in the league.

In case you are thinking about placing a bet on some of the COD League matches, all of the information above could be important for your further choices, so think carefully about the new situation and take into account all the relevant circumstances before investing your money in one of the remaining teams.

Down below is the schedule for the upcoming matches, which will leave us with only four teams that will go against each other in the semifinals. If you had any plans, make sure to cancel them because we are in for one crazy shoot-out.

Matchup: Time and Date:
Royal Ravens VS

Seattle Surge

Thursday – August 4 @ 9:00PM
LA Thieves VS

Boston Breach

Thursday – August 4 @ 10:30PM
Texas Optic VS

Toronto Ultra

Friday – August 5 @ 12:00AM
Atlanta FaZe VS

New York Subliners

Friday – August 5 @ 1:30AM

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