Call of Duty League with Aim Lab as new partner

The Call of Duty League is set to finally arrive on the big gaming scene in 2022. So far, the competitions have played a minor role compared to other disciplines.

A few days ago, those responsible secured a partnership with the FPS performance and training platform Aim Lab. The new deal takes the game series to a completely new level.

Aim Lab to be training partner and sponsor of scouting series

Aim Lab will join as a Frist Person training partner. The pros will be able to use them for their daily sessions. Furthermore, Aim Lab plans to introduce a broadcast channel for the entire season. Guests will be able to watch highlights of past matches at any time.

Furthermore, the new partner joins the Call of Duty Scouting Series as a sponsor. There will be a Challenger ticker on the website from now on. You will be informed about the latest events in the games and can then adjust your Call of Duty bets.

More high-profile sponsorships of the Call of Duty League

According to our experience, the mentioned new broadcast will only cover the Challenger games. The top Call of Duty League games will be streamed by Esports Engine. In January, Activision Blizzard Esports and Esports Engine announced their merger.

It is also worth mentioning that the tournament organizer has gained additional, well-known partners for the current 2022 season. For example, new deals have been signed with TeamSpeak and online eyewear retailer “Zenni”.

The partners’ statement

The Statespace Group is behind Aim Lab. The company’s CEO and founder had the following to say about the new deal:

“We are honored to partner with Call of Duty League to create something truly unique and special for fans and professionals. The new features will allow the world to see what it really takes to play Call of Duty at the highest level and showcase how incredibly talented these players are. For the fans and aspiring Call of Duty pros at home, this partnership provides new training tools in Aim Lab to help you reach your highest potential.”

Jack Haravi, vice president of global partnerships at Activision Blizzard Esports, also highlighted the benefits for players in his statement.

“Aim Lab’s training systems are designed to help consumers understand the skills they need to become an eSports superstar,” he said. Call of Duty League is excited to work with Aim Lab to develop original content that highlights their training software and shines a spotlight on the Call of Duty Challengers’ path to the Pro Circuit,” said Jack Haravi.

Already featured in Valorant Champions Tour

There are currently over 25 million gamers registered on the Aim Lab platform. The portal delivers huge potential for all tournament organizers. The Call od Duty League deal is the second high-profile signing in just a few days. Aim Lab has already connected with Valorant Champions Tour.

It’s pretty certain that the Aim Lab portal will be expanded even further in the coming months. The objective of Statespace Group is well known. Aim Lab is on its way to becoming the world’s #1 training platform.