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Rocket League Ranks.

How do Rocket League Ranks actually work? Rocket League is a multiplayer game from developer Psyonix with a large eSports scene. It is playable on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (via Epic Games Store). The goal of the arcade soccer game is to use a car to get a ball into the opponent’s goal. The battle of the cars with Rocket Power takes place inside a closed-off arena in a wide variety of modes. The title enjoys great popularity and a wide variety of competitive tournaments are held in Rocket League all over the world.

Your first Rocket League Rank

First of all, there is the question of how to get assigned a rank in Rocket League in the first place. First, you have to reach level 10. Then, the various Ranked game modes are unlocked. You have to complete 10 Placement Matches in each playlist first.

Rocket League Ranks

How does the ranking system work in Rocket League?
The lowest rank in Rocket League is Bronze I. There are currently 23 Rocket League ranks. Depending on the rank, there is a reward waiting at the end of the season.

Bronze I
Bronze II
Bronze III
Silver I
Silver II
Silver III
Gold I
Gold II
Gold III
Platinum I
Platinum II
Platinum III
Diamond I
Diamond II
Diamond III
Champion I
Champion II
Champion III
Grand Champion I
Grand Champion II
Grand Champion III
Supersonic Legend

The Supersonic Legend rank has only existed since September 2020, when the highest rank was Grand Champion, but it has now been downgraded and divided into three divisions.

It’s also important to note that each game mode has its own rank. So you can be a Diamond I player in Standard but only Silver II in Doubles.

The rank is calculated by the MMR (Matchmaking Rank). This increases when you win and decreases when you lose. There is a predefined MMR for each rank that you have to reach to get the rank.

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