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*MUST SEE* – Best Fortnite GAME WINNING SNIPER EVER!! – Fortnite BR Top 5 Plays / Episode 13

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Master the sniper rifle in Fortnite BR in 15 minutes

Mastering the sniper rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale requires equal parts practice, skill and luck, although you may be able to reduce the luck factor in favour of the other if you follow the following tips closely.

Even if you hate it when you’ve been killed with a sniper rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s a totally valid way to take out opponents and win the game, and it’s essential that you know how to handle this weapon to be a pro. Unfortunately, there are many Fortnite users who don’t make proper use of the sniper rifle when the time comes.

With the following tips for mastering the sniper rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale, you’ll learn what to look out for, what to do when it’s your turn to shoot and even defend yourself, and in general, the keys to being fearsome with this weapon.

Master the Sniper Rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale in 15 minutes

Learn from others

You’ve probably been killed by a sniper shot, and this will help you understand the effectiveness of these shots and in what areas and at what times they are appropriate to use. This way, if you are killed with one of these rifles, you can see through your own gameplay where you have been hit, where on the map, what you have been doing previously and where the shot came from.

Always try to fire the first shot

To be successful with the sniper rifle you need to have a good wrist but also be smart enough to be the first to shoot and get that shot on your opponent. The important thing is to shoot, don’t be afraid of it, the first few shots may not hit the target, but it is with practice that you will increase your success rate with this weapon.

The bullet drop

This only happens with the sniper rifle, and in this case you need to be aware of the distance to the target. If you are close to the target it is not necessary, but if it is far away you should always aim a little in front or a little above (if you want to aim at the head) the target so that the projectile hits. In this case we recommend that you practice with road signs that you can see along the game map, go to an area under cover, and practice on them with the rifle. This will help you learn about the physics of the bullet’s fall and where to aim to hit it.

Moving targets

There’s no trick to it, because it’s all about skill and experience. It is difficult to hit moving targets and even more so if you are a console user where you cannot rely on a mouse. In this particular case you should try the trial-and-error feature until you hit your opponent. Be aware that you may end up alerting him of your position, so never fire the first projectile if you are not 90% sure of a hit.

Stay low with the rifle, and well protected.

When you are using the sniper rifle you will be more exposed to your opponents, as you have to prepare to aim and fire for a few seconds. This is why you should only use the sniper rifle when you are sure that no one is near you or that you are in good cover. You can always set up a basic defensive tower to protect yourself and have time to target opponents.

These tips will help you master the sniper rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you’re already getting to grips with the massive battles in this title, don’t miss our guide to Fortnite Battle Royale to get the most out of the game on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices, especially how to complete all the challenges in Season 4, including the weekly blockbuster challenges.

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