Vainglory – Introduction to eSports Betting

Vainglory is one of the first mobile games that made it in the field of eSports. Large tournaments honor the best players, who duel on the cell phone or tablet and win prize money and prestige with their teams.

Vainglory is a multiplayer online battle arena game, like League of Legends or Dota 2, and it is precisely because it can be played on the go to kill time that it is so popular. Unlike League of Legends or Dota, however, the game can only be played on a cell phone or tablet, and is therefore naturally a bit different graphically than its competitors, which can be played on a laptop or gaming PC.

The map is also a bit smaller, but for this very reason it offers more opponent contact and more exciting games. The map is also naturally designed so that neither of the two teams competing against each other has an advantage or disadvantage. This is exactly why the mobile game is perfectly suited for the eSports sector and is thus the most successful MOBA game for the mobile variants.

How is Vainglory played?

The gameplay in a multiplayer online battle arena game is mostly the same. At the beginning, you have to choose a hero, who is controlled from the bird’s eye view. A team consists of three players, who should choose different heroes, as they are divided into different categories (assassin, mage, protector / support, sniper and warrior).

The objective of the game is to destroy the Vain Crystal, which is located in the enemy base. Here, two lanes lead to the goal. The upper and the lower lane end at the Vain crystal. In the middle of the map is the forest (Jungle), where various monsters can be found, which drop gold after being murdered. There is also a store with unusual items in the Jungle.

The Vain Crystal is guarded by various things, making Vainglory a very challenging mobile game. On the lanes, computer-controlled units, so-called “creeps”, are always sent to stop you. You should kill them to get gold and to be able to strengthen yourself. However, the player only receives gold if the creep is killed by the player with a last hit, i.e. the death blow. Otherwise, you only get experience points that let you increase in level. After a level increase, you can invest an ability point in the hero. These can be used to relearn or strengthen an ability. But not only the creeps block your way to the goal, towers and the opposing players also want to prevent you from winning the game with your team. Towers are enormous sources of damage for heroes and cause more and more damage to the hero per hit. Thus, it is recommended that you kill the opponent’s computer-controlled units quickly so that the tower will pounce on your creeps and not deal damage to your hero.

Since the map is smaller and clearer, a game usually lasts no longer than 25 minutes and is thus much shorter than, for example, a game on a laptop or gaming PC.

General introduction to eSport betting on Vainglory

Vainglory has quickly made a name for itself in the field of eSports and has more than a million players worldwide who compete against each other on a daily basis. Large tournaments have also already taken place, organized by the producer Super Evil Corp.

As with League of Legends, matches take place in a league on a weekly basis. The most well-known tournament, which is also usually found at bookmakers, is called “EVIL EIGHT” and is provided by the manufacturer.

After the first big tournaments, bookmakers also became aware of this mobile game and regularly offer EVIL EIGHT and other tournaments to their customers.

Where can you place bets on Vainglory?

We have taken a look around and looked for current Vainglory bets. We noticed that the game is increasingly listed and offered by major bookmakers. Of course, many bookmakers always offer only the big events, because more information about encounters can be found than for small events.

An overview of the bookmakers that offer Vainglory betting:

  • – The bookmaker has been known for quite some time and has a good selection of sports in general. The bookmaker is now also focusing more on eSports betting and has big vainglory tournaments on offer.
  • – This sportsbook has focused exclusively on eSports betting and offers it throughout. Unfortunately, the site is only in English and a German view is missing. However, due to the simple structure of the website, much is self-evident. If something is unclear, the bookmaker offers support 24 hours a day to help you with any questions.
  • Betway – One of the bookmakers that we are very happy to recommend, as this is a well-known bookmaker that has recently been very involved with the topic of eSports and increasingly offers bets on this. In addition, they are increasingly running bonuses and raffles here, which benefit the customer and provide wonderful marketing.
  • eGamingBets – This is also a bookmaker that focuses exclusively on eSports and thus also offers all possible tournaments. eGamingBets is one of the still rather unknown eSports betting providers currently. However, due to an insanely large eSports betting offer, the bookmaker is already one of those that you can’t do without when it comes to eSports betting.


Betting providers like Pinnacle or Bet365 also offer the big tournaments, but smaller tournaments are left out and are mostly not included in the portfolio.

When can bets be placed on Vainglory?

Since the EVIL EIGHT take place weekly and are also mostly in the program of pure eSports betting providers, there are also very many opportunities to bet on this game. Other tournaments also take place from time to time, which find their way into the portfolio of the bookmakers and can thus be bet on.

We have created an overview of the most popular tournaments of the bookmakers:

  • Vainglory International Premier League – Here the twelve best teams in the world compete against each other and play for prestige and a prize money of 70,000 US dollars. Every bookmaker that identifies with eSports should have this tournament on offer.
  • EVIL EIGHT – As mentioned above, the “evil eight” compete weekly for a small amount of prize money and points to participate in the International Premier League. Here you will find bets mostly only at the eSports betting providers, as big bookmakers very rarely bother and include these games in their betting offer.
  • Vainglory VGL – This tournament is one of the biggest in Vainglory. Winners are determined in different splits and receive prize money worth items. For example, in the current Summer Split, there is an iPad 9.7 to be won for each player on the winning team. In addition, the first-place team also receives a prize in the form of the in-game score, which can be used to buy skins or heroes.
  • Vainglory Arena Challenger – A rather small tournament, which is not exposed to the eye of the community and bookmakers. Nevertheless, the individual games are offered here at, for example.

What type of betting options are there for Vainglory?

This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. Nevertheless, we would like to show you the most popular bets, which can be found very often, especially at eSports bookmakers.

  • Winner or Loser Bet – The standard framework, of course, offers the winner or loser bet.
  • Card bet – In a best-of match, there are several cards that are played to determine the final winner. Here, the bookmaker gives you the chance to bet on a section of the match, i.e. a single game.
  • Tournament Winner Bet – Even before the actual start of the tournament, the overall winner of this can be tipped. Here there are usually very high odds to bet and therefore makes this bet so worthwhile.

What should you take note of when betting on Vainglory?

Especially before big tournaments, teams prepare very intensively. These training sessions can often be seen on, where you can get a first impression of the team and their current form.

Each player has a different pool of heroes and thus different ways to make an impact on the game. Take a close look at games played by the gamers and guess which hero is currently in a very good position and could have a place in the tournament.

In order to understand the game better, we give you the tip to try it out on your own cell phone. Since it is a free-to-play game, there are no costs involved.

A good tip at the end – Especially the new eSports bookmakers always offer attractive bonuses to their new customers. You should accept this gift from the betting provider if you are interested in eSports but have not yet gotten to know it in all its facets. The bonus saves many newbies from having to make an immediate deposit and also allows them to be wrong once in a while.