Valorant – Zombs Stays In Sentinels After His Retirement

Jared #zombs Gitlin, a member of the Sentinels’ #Valorant team’s first team, recently said on a livestream that he would not be making a comeback to professional gaming. Despite not qualifying for #ValorantChampions in 2022, Sentinels remained a popular organization in the off-season.

In April 2022, Zombs announced that Eric #Kanpeki Xu had joined the team. Gustavo #Sacy Rossi and Bryan #pANcada Luna, the current global champions, were added to the organization’s Valorant roster shortly after they were acquired from the Brazilian club LOUD on October 15.

What Happened?

Zombs, Shahzeb #ShahZaM Khan, and Michael #dapr Gulino were fired from Sentinels after being first added to the Valorant team’s inactive roster. As his match history was a red carpet of defeats, zombs was questioned in a recent stream if he was a “washed up” player or if something else was wrong with the game.

He immediately replied, “No, because I was scrimming and I’m like owning everyone actually,” to his query. There must be a ranking. Bro, I literally destroy everyone when I like scrim. No, I’m not even joking.

He clarified, though, that he was no longer scrimmaging and mentioned a potential team he had put together. “No, I’m not scrimping anymore,” he admitted. I played for about a week. The group I was assembling had some promise, and we had the interest of some potential organizations. But after visiting Los Angeles and having a brief conversation with the owner of Sentinels, I’ve decided that I’ll never want to leave them.

Zombs remembered that he had been a Sentinel since the beginning of the group. I will remain on SEN indefinitely since I get along well with them, he continued. I joined SEN at its inception when it had virtually no users.

In response to a viewer’s question about whether he would resume playing Valorant professionally, zombs said, “Nah, I’m not going to compete again, man. I no longer find it worthwhile. I believe that I have opportunities that are better for the future and other things overall than competing.

The former professional athlete then discussed what it’s really like to compete professionally and touched on the challenges of getting a team’s five members to communicate effectively and be on the same page. Zombs stated that fielding a championship-winning squad is exceedingly difficult and that if it is not your dream, it is not worth spending years of your life on. He proclaimed, “Esports is like the wild west, my friend.”

Since joining Sentinels in 2019, Zombs has played a significant role on the team that dominated the North American Valorant circuit. In addition, he and his teammates raised the trophy at the Valorous Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavk. Zombs are extremely likely to join the Sentinels content developers Tarik #tarik Celik, Brandon #Aceu Winn, and Jay #sinatraa Won, even though it hasn’t been formally confirmed.

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