Valorant – TSM Making Big Roster Moves Ahead of 2023 Season

With about a month until the NAVALORANT Challengers League qualifiers get underway, #TSM has solidified its starting lineup by bringing back James #hazed Cobb and adding Nicholas #NaturE Garrison, confirming an earlier buzz within the Esports media.

The two new additions will join Johann #seven Hernandez, Corey Nigra, and Anthony #gMd Guimond, who made up the majority of the starting roster core for TSM’s 2022 VCT campaign.

Yassine #Subroza Taoufik, the longtime core of the roster and, before hazed’s comeback, the final surviving original mouseSpaz group member signed in 2020, is not a part of the team’s starting lineup.

The Road So Far

TSM was among the first well-known NA organizations to renew its commitment to NA VALORANT after passing up a partnership opportunity during the previous offseason. Dominic Kallas, TSM’s VP of esports, said in September: “It doesn’t make sense for us to stand up and quit the scene tomorrow because TSM has been a partner with Riot since 2013, and we are one of the few profitable esports organizations.

The company will try to raise its standing through the Ascension and NA Challengers ecosystem. Despite a strong start to 2020 that culminated in a victory in the grand finals at First Strike, TSM experienced little to no success throughout the following two VCT seasons, managing only a few victories in regional qualifications and falling far short of any international appearances.

The group witnessed a lot of talent come in and go out, and they even let a budding star like Sean #bang Bezerra slide through their fingers and into the waiting hands of 100 Thieves.

The Latest Additions

After a successful season with NRG, where the team finished as one of the top six teams in North America, Hazed rejoins the team hoping they can get on the same winning track they were on once.

Following prior spells with Immortals and Gen.G, another veteran comes into the picture. Nicholas #NaturE Garrison decided to join the team as well, hoping to break the winless cycle and get on a winning spree.

The journey to Ascension is not straightforward because teams like G2, M80, and The Guard are assembling strong lineups that will compete for the one VCT Americas promotion slot. It is unclear at this time whether TSM will get the open invitation to NA Challengers or whether it will have to enter open qualifiers.

If you are a TSM fan, you will be more than happy if they reach their goals for the season. But, in case they don’t, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying esports betting, as they are hundreds of other options out there.

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