VALORANT: The most crucial player for Fnatic at VCT LOCK/IN

#DotEsports pick for #VCT LOCK/IN Sao Paolo MVP, #LeoJanesson of #Fnatic, was a force to be reckoned with throughout the full $500,000 competition. Even after the tournament was over, one remarkable statistic – Leo’s ability to avoid giving up opening frags-went unnoticed.

In the first three games Fnatic played at VCT LOCK/IN, against Sentinels, #FURIA and #100Thieves, Leo did not allow a first death in any of them. After participating in a total 160 rounds at VCT LOCK/IN, the Sova main only experienced his first death in match number four against #NatusVincere.

Leo gave up six deaths in the grand finals against LOUD, five of which occurred in the best-of-five series’ final three maps as FNATIC defeated the Brazilians 3-2 to win the inaugural VALORANT event involving all 30 franchised teams.

Incredible stats

Leo completed the competition with 15 opening frags and only seven first deaths, according to analyst Yinsu Collins. The 19-year-old, who succeeded in this metric and many others, was one of the VCT LOCK/IN’s most dominant competitors. According to, Leo earned more clutches than anyone else in the competition with a total of 13, had the third highest K/D ratio (1.41) of the competition, was matched for sixth place in kill-assist-survive-trade (KAST) rate and had the highest K/D ratio overall.

Boaster, the in game leader of Fnatic, hinted that he sacrificed himself for Leo on Yinsu’s twitter thread by saying that he wished Leo to survive and participate in late-rounds scenarios. Leo was the pro who died the second-least number of times per round, and Fnatic not only won the competition, but this strategy appears to have worked well for them. He was carefully allowed to continue playing in many late games, which helped Fnatic cross the finish line.

What is next?

As the current No. 1 squad and individual in international VALORANT, Fnatic and Leo will be the subject of intense attention as they enter the EMEA League at the end of March, respectively, at the moment.

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