VALORANT: NA Challenger 2023 schedule, scores and standings

A new era of competitive VALORANT begins in 2023, and while Riot's primary focus will be the three top-tier international leagues at the top of the ecosystem, the tier-two scene enters an exciting phase with Challengers leagues all over the world, including the North American VALORANT Challengers League.

Perhaps no Challengers league is more exciting than the one in North America, which is stacked with an overwhelming quantity of player skill and more participation from huge companies than any other Challengers league.

The NA VALORANT Challengers League, hosted and managed by Knights Arena, will consist of two divisions, with a midseason event between the divides and a final playoff bracket at the conclusion of the year. Twelve teams (six invited, six qualified through open trials) will compete over two divisions for one of eight final places, with the primary objective being a berth in the Americas Ascension competition, where a two-year advancement to VCT Americas awaits.

How to watch North America’s VALORANT Challenger 2023?

Matches will be broadcast on the official NA VALORANT Twitch and YouTube platforms.

Bracket and timetable for the NA VALORANT Challengers 2023 Mid-Season Faceoff

Here is the Mid-Season Faceoff's double-elimination tournament. Split One scores were used to select teams. Here is the complete Mid-Season Faceoff program. All hours are in Connecticut time and are open to change.

Wednesday, March 22:

  • 3PM: M80 defeats Disguised – M80 wins map one on Haven (13-5), M80 wins map two on Haven (13-4) and advances to upper bracket semifinal. Disguised drops to lower bracket.
  • 6PM: Moist defeats TSM – Moist wins’ map one on Lotus (13-7), Moist wins’ map two on Pearl (13-6), and advances to upper bracket semifinal.

Thursday, March 23:

  • 3PM: The Guard Vs FaZe
  • 6PM: G2 vs Oxygen

Friday, March 24:

  • 3PM: Upper bracket semifinal
  • 6PM: Upper bracket semifinal

Split NA VALORANT Challengers 2023 Groups and positions

The twelve teams are divided into two sets of six. The best four clubs in each group in terms of points gained will qualify for the playoffs at the conclusion of the season. Here are the official results from the year's first split.

G2 and Moist Moguls finished as top two teams in group A, while M80, The Guard and TSM had 4-1 record in group B.

Grand Finale will be played on March 31st, 3PM.

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