Valorant – Cloud9 Roster Falls Apart Ahead of New Season

One of the major VALORANT dynasties is officially breaking up with Cloud9 White after nearly two years of nearly undisputed domination of the VCT Game Changers environment.

Today, the C9 VALORANT channel aired an official farewell video, praising the C9 White players for their collective influence on the scene and for the many medals they won while performing together.

What comes next?

Beginning in 2023, Alexis Guarrasi, Jasmine #Jazzyk1ns Manankil, Katja #katsumi Pfahnl, Melanie #meL Capone, and Bob Tran will leave the company and pursue their own individual careers. Their public actions in the previous months confirm what has been talked about a lot in the media – that the whole squad would be bouncing before the 2022 ends.

Several different North American teams with Game Changers rosters are planning to sign some of the top players available. MeL and Alexis, together with budding starlet Ava #florescent Eugene, Nicole #Noia Tierce, and Sarah Simpson, are supposedly on their way to VersionX, the Game Changers wing of the Version1 VALORANT division. Bob and Katsumi are both apparently joining XSET Purple, but the other members of the XSET Game Changers lineup are yet unknown.

Jazzyk1ns has not yet been assigned a destination, but in a TwitLonger post, she stated that she still intends to finish and is “motivated to keep grinding and learning every day.” Although she still doesn’t officially have a team, given her talent and ability when she’s in her element, there’s no doubt that there will be more than enough quality offers on her table.

The C9 Farewell

The C9 White lineup will be dearly missed, and their legacy will be very hard to surpass even as they part ways. In a brutal show of home supremacy, the team completely swept all six NA VCT Game Changers tournaments in 2021 and 2022, losing only one series against Shopify Rebellion.

In the lower bracket quarterfinal of the Game Changers Championship, Shopify Rebellion finally exacted their retribution on C9 White, capping off 2022.

Nevertheless, the C9 White players established themselves as one of the greatest and most significant teams throughout VALORANT, not only in Game Changers.

Even if the five players’ time with C9 White is finished, their stories aren’t. If we’re lucky, maybe one day we’ll see their reunion.

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