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The ONLY PAY to WIN Skin In valorant.. *NEW REAVER 2.0 PHANTOM*

Valorant Reaver 2.0 leak reveals delicious full range of packages

Since the Valorant beta, the Reaver skin line has been one of the most sought-after cosmetic collections in the game.

Fans loved the cutting-edge design of the various weapons, the different animations and the unique finisher that pushes your final enemy into the depths of the underworld. After a recent leak, it looks like players will get another taste of evil with the upcoming Reaver 2.0 skin line, featuring a new set of weapons to exorcise your inner demons.

From the various videos and images released by popular leaker ValorLeaks, the new Reaver 2.0 pack will be available for Phantom, Spectre, Odin and Ghost, with a sleek karambit knife as the melee weapon of choice.

All weapons are wrapped in the Reaver collection’s signature purple glow, with sharp edges that can cut through any defence. In the videos, the weapons also have dark smoke emanating whenever they are switched or inspected, while the classic non-contact telekinetic reloading has also returned to the battlefield.

The karambit will bring similar animations to the original karambit released during the Valorant Champions tournament, but will have a purple trail whenever it swings during attacks or while a player is inspecting the knife. As one of the most popular throwing knives in the game, this could be a big reason for players to buy the pack.

The price of the bundle is not yet known, but could be in the 7100 VP range, similar to the original skin line.

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