RCADIA – Gaming Hotel in Hamburg on the road to success

The project was controversial. Even those familiar with the scene initially described it as barely viable. In August 2021, the largest gaming hotel in the world opened in Hamburg – the RCADIA. Meanwhile, the first guest counts are known.

Despite the Corona problem in the winter months and the associated restrictions, the RCADIA seems to be on a successful course. The gaming hotel is accepted in the gambling scene, no question. For gamblers planning a visit to the Hanseatic city, the RCADIA is the first address in town.

The service industry discovers gamers

eSports is also becoming more prominent in the public mainstream around the world. The industry has built up a very good reputation over the past few years. More and more industrial and service companies have recognized the potential and geared their offerings accordingly to the gaming scene, with hotels leading the way.

The RCADIA, with its 20,000 square meters of space, is outstanding, no question about it. Although construction work is still underway here and there, the hotel is able to record check-ins. Gamers from the north also use the RCADIA simply to play games, without taking advantage of the overnight accommodation on offer.

The offer for guests

The newest and largest gamer hotel in Europe appeals separately to the ordinary gamers and the professionals. Those who check in at RCADIA can benefit from numerous offers. Gamers can play on the Playstation 5 on the 4 TV monitors. Special gaming rooms for up to six people can be used. Guests can retreat to the virtual Escape Room or take on the race track with the racing cars at the Actoracer.

There are high-end gaming computers of the latest generation in almost every corner of the hotel. As a special service, the RCADIA adds a few specials on top. Visitors can book training sessions with professional gamers. The package is offered in Hamburg for the following games:

The events in RCADIA Hotel

The events at the RCADIA Hotel are very popular and are currently held as follows:

  • MOBA Monday
  • Fortnite Friday
  • Shooter Saturday

The prices in the e-Gaming Hotel

At this point we do not want to forget about the prices in the hotel. In our experience, they work with moderate offers. The single room costs 49 euros, the double room 69 euros, the suite 99 euros. It goes in the RCADIA, however, also really expensive. The Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Suite can be booked for 2,200 euros a night, all inclusive.

Gamers planning a longer-term stay in Hamburg can rent the apartments for a very slim 490 euros a month.

The offers for the eSport professionals

The eSport professionals are addressed separately. For them there are two special training rooms in the hotel. The clan of Unicorns of Love has moved its headquarters from Berlin to Hamburg, although it must be said here in a limited way that the team organization is involved in the RCADIA. The hotel is of course also prepared for large events and tournaments, including stage and commentator lounges. The hotel wants to become the first address for eSport events in Germany. But the plans go even further. The hotel in Hamburg is to become the first of an entire gaming hotel chain in Germany. Expansion is planned.

Technically, the RCADIA works together with Razer, be quiet and Aimlabs, among others.